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Kodaikanal Tour (3 Nights / 4 Days)

Tour starts from : ex - Coimbatore
Destinations covered : Coimbatore, Kodaikanal, Madurai
Theme : South India Tours
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  • Green Valley View/Suicide Point
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Berijam Lake
  • Kodai Lake

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Kodaikanal Tour

Kodaikanal tour promises the privilege to be a spectator in the fascinating natural arena and to spend few days in absolute bliss.

Kodaikanal, with its untouched aura, sits over a plateau in Palani Hills of the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu. Developed as a summer retreat by the Americans and British in the mid-19th century, this spectacular hill station is justly called the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’, ‘Shade in the Summer’, ‘Gift of the Forests’ and by many other well-deserved titles.

Kodaikanal tour package from Bangalore and Chennai is popular among weekend holidaymakers, while leisure-seekers, nature-lovers, adventurers and honeymooners from across the world testify the place’s never-disappointing worth as a perfect holiday destination.

Clouds hang over hills dressed up in visually-rewarding shades of green with meadows, grasslands and forests of eucalyptus, cypress, rhododendron and magnolia lending unsurpassable charm.

From man-made lakes to silver cascades and meandering streams and from churches and Hindu temples to colonial heritage, there are remarkable revelations at every footstep. Not to forget the thrill of exploring peculiar natural sites or participating in adventures like cycling, horse riding and trekking.

The Kodaikanal tour itinerary is simply breathtaking.

Itinerary Details

Day by Day itineraryDay 1: Madurai/Coimbatore – Kodaikanal

Madurai to Kodaikanal Package tour begins at Madurai which is about 125 km. from Kodaikanal and is the closest airport to Kodaikanal.

We would pick you up from the airport/railway station/any other designated point and the drive begins. The steep Ghat road sections of the journey reveal extraordinary natural beauty and are usually free of traffic. Get the hint of the fun ahead while navigating the hairpin bends.

On arrival, check in at the booked hotel and relax for some time. Depending on the time available, you would visit one or two of the top attractions on the first day of tour package to Kodaikanal.

Kodai Lake: Built in 1863, the star-shaped lake amidst verdantly green hills host tremendous allure and is perfect to begin the sightseeing tour. Kodaikanal Boat Club hosts extremely enjoyable boat rides (open 08:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.; 2/4 seated pedal boats at INR 70/140 for 30 min. and 140/280 for 1 hour; 6 seated row boats at INR 245/490 for 20/40 min.; shikara or honeymoon boat at INR 415/830 for 30 min./1 hour).

Cycling, horse riding and walking (beware of dogs and avoid dark sections in the evening) are other fabulous activities. It is also possible to explore rich flora including kurinji flowers (blossom once every 12 years) and fruit trees.

Stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Kodaikanal Sightseeing

On the second day of Kodaikanal tour, start with breakfast and get ready to explore some of the best picks from the local attractions.

Pillar Rocks:

Rising up to 400 ft, the three pillaring rocks flaunting patches of greenery and granite would leave you stunned. Clouds playing hide-n-seek with these peculiar boulders add to the remarkable views. Beware of monkeys at the place which also has a lot of vendors and hawkers. There’s also a small garden with manicured lawns, while an English Cross is also visible.

Guna Caves/Devil’s Kitchen (open 09:00 a.m. to 04:30 p.m.; entry fee INR 5; camera fee INR 10):

Continue exploring the strange crafts of nature with Guna Caves. Named after a Tamil Movie shot here, the caves were fenced (removed in 2016 barring the danger zones) shortly after the tragic deaths of several youths and intentional suicides of lovers. Devil’s Kitchen is one of the many caverns (and also the riskiest one) which lies within the chamber formed between the third Pillar Rock and the main cliff face. The mesmerizing valley views, unusual roots of big shola trees as well as the hiking adventure make it a must-visit hotspot. Make sure to watch every single step.

Bear Shola Falls (open 10:00 a.m.-06:00 p.m.):

It is believed that bears used to drink water here. The waterfall is set amidst tranquil surroundings of a reserved forest and that makes it a great place for rejuvenation. Trekking of 1-2 km. in the aromatic eucalyptus forests is another highlight of this attraction.

Berijam Lake (open 09:00 a.m.-03:00 p.m.):

With unmatched vistas like medicinal gardens, shoal grasslands and swamp ecosystems and stupendous sceneries, this lake is the real gem of Kodaikanal tour. Floating flowers and plants; chirping birds like Nilgiri pipit, common rosefinch, leaf-warblers and pale-lumped swallows and rare animals like leopards, bison, Malabar giant squirrels, barking deer and elephants make it a rich biodiversity hub. Passes are required to access the lake and for activities like trekking and fishing. Please note that only 50 passes are issued each day.

Coaker’s Walk (07:00 a.m.-07:00 p.m., fee INR 10, camera INR 30):

Constructed in 1872 by Lt. Coaker, this 1 km. long paved pathway around Mount Nebo promises spellbinding valley views, which on clear days may extend up to the city of Madurai. Experience the phenomenon called broken spectre when sun at the back would cast your shadow on clouds in the front with a rainbow halo.

Telescope House (07:00 a.m.-07:00 p.m.; fee INR 20):

At the northern end of the Coaker’s Walk is the Telescope House which allows breathtaking views of lakes, dams, rivers and other natural wonders below. Watching cloud slowly drifting over hills is a fulfilling experience of Kodaikanal tour.

Get back to the hotel and stay overnight.

Day 3: Kodaikanal Sightseeing

After you finish breakfast, get ready for another amazing day of Kodaikanal tour sightseeing with many more tourist attractions in the list.

Pine Forest:

The sprawling stretches of eucalyptus forests are suddenly broken by Pine Forest that was introduced by the British in 1906 for timber. An ideal place for photography and long walks amidst soothing serenity, it also offers horse riding and camping (permission required). Beware of monkeys. Discover mushrooms (called magic mushrooms for hallucinogenic effects) nearby and buy fresh local fruits.

Green Valley View/Suicide Point:

Earlier called Suicide Point for the obvious reason, Green Valley View is one of the most popular vantage points in Kodaikanal. Enjoy the feast of lush greenery, hills and valleys and dams from an altitude of nearly 5,000 ft. The views are simply enchanting before 03:00 p.m. after which fog blocks them.

Dolphin’s Nose:

Watch the fascinating panorama of the entire region from a height of about 6,600 ft. at Dolphin’s Nose. The huge rock resembling a dolphin’s nose is also a popular trekking destination and offers outstanding views of dams, valleys and towns. If time allows, you may also access the beautiful Pambar Falls in the close vicinity.

Bryant Park (open 09:00 a.m.-06:00 p.m.; entry fee INR 15/30 per child/adult; INR 50 for camera):

The botanical park built by H.D. Bryant, a British forest officer, in 1908 boasts of magnificence with over 300 species of shrubs and trees, apart from nearly 750 varieties of roses and many ornamental plants. Other attractions include a sacred Bodhi tree, a eucalyptus tree (dating back to 1850s) and a glass house. Flower shows are held here annually (usually in May).

Shenbaganur Museum (10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. and 03:00 p.m.-05:00 p.m.; entry fee INR 2):

Visit this interesting destination which boasts of taxidermy collections of stuffed birds, mammals, snakes, moths, butterflies and more. It is also famous for hosting more than 300 varieties of orchids; nearly 2,500 varieties of plants and many other specimens.

After this rewarding day of Kodaikanal tour, get back to the hotel and stay overnight.

Day 4: Sightseeing and Departure

Check out from the hotel after breakfast. Depending on the time available, you may visit few more tourist attractions before departure.

Chettiar Park (open 09:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m.; entry fee INR 10; camera fee INR 25):

Watch in awe the green carpets of this beautiful park adorned with multihued flowers, including kurinji flower. Spend some great moments breathing in tranquillity while enjoying the soothing environments here. There’s also a small playground for children.

Kurinji Andvar Temple:

Dedicated to Lord Muruga, the God of Hills, this Hindu temple is a small specimen of the grand Tamil temple architecture. It is also famous for honey with medicinal properties which is available only during the time the kurinji flowers bloom. Enjoy some marvellous views of Vaigai Dam, Palani Hills and beautiful landscapes.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory (open only on Friday 10:00 a.m.-12 noon):

Located at an altitude of 7,687 ft., the Solar Physical Observatory dates back to 1898. Apart from facilitating star watching, it also hosts an astronomy museum with pictorial displays and a library.

Silver Cascade Waterfalls:

Kodai Lake cascades at a point to form the 180 ft. Silver Cascade Waterfalls which dramatically cascade over rocks and surrounded by lavish greenery. Volume of water in the falls increases during monsoons. Beware of monkeys.

Bid adieu to Kodaikanal as per your departure schedule and drive back to Madurai/Coimbatore. We drop you at the airport/railway station or any other point of your choice as Kodaikanal tour ends.

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  We both were a bit nervous at the thought of dealing with India direct but all was very well planned, Mohit saw us through the hole tour and it was faultless, the palaces were fantastic colonial throw backs in time, we had a fantastic time, thanks to our guide who never left us in any position that we felt uncomfortable.an unforgeable time was had by both of us, thank you.   Graham Leslie
  I planned a South India tour from Chennai to Kochi. I asked from many different travel companies but I got the best and cheapest offer by 'Way to India'. That was two weeks travel plan. We visited so many wonderful places and we got enough time for some individual program too. In the first week we visited the historical places like temples, museums and some beaches. In the second week we visited amazing natural attraction. All happened at exactly fixed itinerary. We traveled with a comfortable panoramic mini bus and the bus driver (Mr. Ram) was very kind and talented who could manage a good restaurant for dinner and lunch every day. The recommended hotels were correct and better than the chosen category. The connecting with 'Way to India' was a great experience for us and Mr Mohit was very pleasant and flexible for our request. All in all believe that this was the best choice for traveling. I'm sure we'll go back in India again because we found many kind friends at there and we would like to organize travel again by 'way to India'. thanks for all you have done for us thank you so much

Ferenc, Ibolya, Amit, Chanthorn

(parents and two young boys)  
Ferenc Széll
  It took a year of planning to suit a budget and unique needs for 10 people. Patience and support for that one year and throughout the travel experience was excellent leaving no area wanting.

Thanks Mohit and team!  
Kamantha Peters
South Africa
  I am so delighted and grateful that I found Way to India. I was nervous about doing a trip by myself, as a young woman, in the Himalayas and it was important for me to find a trusted company to arrange my trip. I searched long and hard but once I spoke with Mohit at Way to India, I knew I found the perfect company. Every question I had or issue I needed help with was handled immediately, proficiently, with excellent service that really went above and beyond. All of the people connected with the company that I met or spoke with are extremely helpful, friendly and an absolute pleasure to deal with. The itinerary created was just perfectly tailored for what I wanted and was done with a lot of thought and care. They stayed connected with me through the entire trip to make sure everything was going well. Really, I did not have to worry or think about anything. I will use them every time I come back to India! I highly recommend to all my friends and family and to anyone who wants a memorable visit to India.   Aditi Banerjee
  Thanks to Waytoindia for 10 day in Rajasthan- Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Mount Abu and Ahmedabad. Everything from pickup from Jaipur airport to drop at Ahmedabad airport was very smooth. The hotels booked in Jaipur and Udaipur were amazing. In Jaisalmer the camel ride and Jeep safari though a bit expensive was a good experience. The car and the driver for the entire 10 days was very good. Thanks to the driver Mahesh, who drove the 2 ladies for the entire 10 days safely and dropped us in time for the return flight to Bangalore.

Overall it was a memorable trip customized by Way2india for us. Thanks to Ankit.  
Saraswathy Bhaskaran
  I had been to many places through way to India it was a wonderful experience all the time

I have taken 5-6 tour from this company. My Best trip was Rameshwaram and Kedareshwar and Ujjain Mandu

trip, service provided was excellent I would like to go to other places through them. Their customers support is 24*7 and very courteous.  
Shashi Sharma
  5 stars without inquiry & questions.Visit to Taj Mahal. This was a lifelong dream for me. We especially appreciated her arranging and preparation.The services provided by our travel specialists were superb. we also think the punctuality of the travel providers, quality of the lodging and tours are worthy of praise. the overall knowledge of guides, and When I took ill during the trip, her firm adjusted the schedule and made special arrangements so that I could continue the tour..this adjustment was greatly appreciated.  Sumit Patel
  Our trip to India, organized by WayToIndia, has been a memorable experience. our drivers were very punctual, friendly and informative. They have taken care of us at all times, from the moment we arrived in Delhi. Thanks to waytoindia excellent planning had an awesome first trip to India.  Riya Roy

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    Travel Tips For Kodaikanal Tour

    Shopping at Kodaikanal:

    You may devote the remaining time shopping homemade cheeses, chocolates, marshmallows as well as items like eucalyptus oil, spices, herbal teas and fruit products like jams.

    Bazaar Road has shops selling each of these items or you can locate popular shops like Eco-Nut on PT Road and Spices Corner just next to Nellai Nadir Bazaar for quality products.

    Visit one of the emporiums (Khadi Emporium, Government Sales Emporium) or other reputed stores like Kashmir Handicrafts Centre, Corsack and Handloom Cooperative Stores for handicrafts ranging from shawls and embroidery work to paintings, jewellery, and woodwork.

    For exquisite pottery and ceramic work, travel about 7 km. to Potter’s Shed (open till 05:00 p.m. on Wednesday and till 08:00 p.m. Thursday-Tuesday).

    Eating at Kodaikanal:

    Restaurants in Kodaikanal cater to all tastes with menus serving platters from North and South India as well as international cuisines.

    Tava (PT Road) is a great choice for cheap vegetarian food (try Gobhi paranthas) while Hotel New Punjab nearby is acclaimed for tandoori and butter chicken.

    Try delicious prawns at Ten Degrees (PT Road) or go for Italian or Middle Eastern cuisines at Altaf’s Cafe on Dolphin’s Nose Road.

    Enjoy authentic momos, dumplings and other Tibetan preparations at Royal Tibet (PT Road) or the spice-rich Kerala food at Eden Paradise on Laws Ghat Road. Don’t miss wood-fire oven baked pizzas at Cloud Street on PT Road during Kodaikanal tour.