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Common Travel Safety Issues and How to Avoid Them

Problems may be unavoidable if you are not cautious about the probable traps while travelling through a new location. In the excitement of exploring some wonderful attractions and activities, don’t miss on the safety guidelines that can actually add value to your travel and holiday experience. Here are some of these safety tips clubbed together for your convenience:

Keep Your Money and Cards Safe
The cash or cards you carry on a trip are prone to loss and theft. You would certainly not want to run out of money or dilute the pleasure by landing into such situations. Avoid it with the following tips:

  • Avoid Back Pockets for Wallets: Do you know how to keep your bank cards in your purse or wallet? Well stay away from this habit while you are on a trip. Keep at least separate places. Imagine how it would be hard to get replacement if you lose all your cards. And above it running out of money in the middle of a trip can really kill enjoyment.
  • Keep at Different Places: Get in the practice of looking back when you are about to leave somewhere. Trip to a place would be distracting, and you are possibly carrying more stuff, so it might be possible you may forget your jacket or any other valuable. So look back and ensure you’re not leaving anything there.
  • Don’t Use Cards Everywhere: Scan all you major travel documents and keep a copy in your email. Take a hard copy of your passport, travel insurance, visa etc and keep these all in a separate section of your luggage. Though it’s a traditional practice you can consider the digital way also.

Taking Care of the Valuables
Valuable items like jewellery, mobile phones, cameras and other gadgets as well as expensive clothes are the things travellers usually carry on trips. To ensure their safety, you must:

  • Keep an Eye on Luggage in Public: Leave your luggage, handbags or valuable unattended in public and they might just disappear in the thin air. Always keep the straps and handles hooked to your body parts and keep the handbags in your laps.
  • Avoid Public Flaunting: Show-off may result in loss. Avoid wearing jewellery items at crowded places. Keep your gadgets safe inside the locked luggage when you don’t require them.
  • Check before Leaving: Make it a habit to check that you are not leaving anything behind at hotel rooms, restaurants, tourist spots and other places you visit.