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Owing to the bio-diversity available in its natural settings, West Bengal offers excellent sightseeing experience. West Bengal Tours help you explore this ethnically and culturally diverse state of India. The state is positioned in East India and it shares its eastern border with Bangladesh. The states of Bihar, Jharkhand lie on its West side and the northern part of the state touches Assam and Sikkim. West Bengal also shares international borders with Nepal and Bhutan.

It is the only state of the India that has all three main tourist attractions including sea, mountains and forest. The matchless cultural heritage of the state also adds to its main attractions. With our cost-effective West Bengal Tours you can come across excellent traveling experiences. We help you explore the popular Sundarbans, which is home of Royal Bengal tigers and a captivating stretch of thick luch green mangrove jungles of great size with outstanding bio-diversity.

Sundarbans National Park Tour Packages

Sundarbans National Park Tour Packages are designed to take the wildlife lovers to the land of tigers. At the southernmost tip of West Bengal where the land meets the sea the Royal Bengal Tiger’s domain starts known world over as Sunderbans.


  • Sunderbans National Park
  • Visit Pakhiralya
  • Visit Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower
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