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Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum in Bodh Gaya

Summer: (25°C-45°C) Extremely hot

Winter: (-1°C-28°C) Pleasant weather

Monsoon: July-August. Heavy rainfall and high humidity.

Best time to visit:  October-March

Opening Time: 10:00 a.m.
Closing Time: 05:00 p.m.
Weekly Holiday:  Friday

Entry Fees for Indians Adults:  INR 2 (fre
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Entry Fees for Foreign Nationals Adults:  INR 2 (fre
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
The Archaeological Survey of India maintains Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum where one can find relics and antiques that are hundreds of years old. The museum has galleries, courtyards and verandas where the sculptures and plaques have been put on display. Images made of gold, silver, bronze and stones and dedicated to the Buddhist and Hindu deities are among the prime attractions.
Sunga Period’s railings and pillars and Pala Period’s paintings can also be explored here. Other interesting items include terracotta seals, scriptures, coping stones and cross bars that were obtained from various excavations sites at Bodhgaya. A gigantic statue of Lord Buddha greets the visitors to the museum which is surrounded by a beautiful garden.
Other attractions around the museum include Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree and a number of Buddhist monasteries and stupas.


Photography is strictly prohibited at themuseum. Don’t touch the exhibits.


Road: Bodhgaya being a popular tourist destination boasts of good connectivity by buses and taxis. The museum is located near to the world-famous Mahabodhi Temple and is easily accessible by buses, taxis and cycle-rickshaws.

Railway: The railway station closest to the museum is known as Gaya Junction (about 14 km. away). Trains connect the station with many popular Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.

Airway: Gaya Airport (about 10 km. away) with regular flights to and from Kolkata serves as the nearest airport. Taxis are available for hire to reach the museum conveniently.