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Chidiya Tapu in Port Blair

·  Summer: 20 to 36° C (Warm but pleasant)
·  Winter: 15 to 24° C (Mild cold)
·  Monsoon: Mid-May to August (Medium Rainfall)

Best time to visit:  October to May

Opening Time: 
Closing Time: 
Weekly Holiday: 

Entry Fees for Indians Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Entry Fees for Foreign Nationals Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Dubbed as ‘Sunset Point’ and ‘Bird Island,’ Chidiya Tapu is a tiny village located in Port Blair, Andaman Island. The tiny yet impressive fishing village is one of the most serene and gorgeous places in Andaman. Loaded with lush green mangroves, placid islands and vast stretched forests comprising of numerous tweedling birds, Chidiya Tapu aptly paints the picture of a perfect picnic spot.  

Home to numerous animal and bird species, Chidiya Tapu is certainly a treat for nature lovers. Numerous exotic birds, white spotted deer, and orchids add to the beauty of the place. Bird lovers can enjoy the sight of more than 46 bird species including scarlet minivet, hanging parrots, emerald dove, drongos, and royal green pigeons.

The tapu is renowned for its captivating landscape, colourful butterflies, and scintillating beaches. Tourists can take delight in exploring the popular attractions like Munda Pahar beaches, the Sylvan Sands, Chidiya Tapu Beach, and Chidiya Tapu Biological Park in the vicinity.

Other than offering flawless environment, the tapu also sells lovely shell products like table lamps, show pieces, decorative boxes, and bangles.  

·  Regular ship services are available from Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam, and Chennai ports to Chidiya Tapu. The cruise takes about 50-60 hours to reach the destination.

Road: Taxis, auto rickshaws and public buses are available from Veer Savarkar Airport to reach Chidiya Tapu. Moving around the place is quite convenient due to the excellent network of public transport available here.

Railway: Chidiya Tapu doesn’t have a train station. The nearest station to reach Chidiya Tapu is Chennai Central (about 1,362 km.)

Airway: Veer Savarkar Airport (about 23 km.) is the nearest airport to reach Chidiya Tapu. Regular domestic flights operate from destinations like Chennai, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, and Kolkata.