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Chunar Fort in Chunar

·  Summer: March-June (22°C - 40°C)
·  Winter: October-February (12°C - 33°C)
·  Monsoon: July-September

Best time to visit:  October-March

Opening Time: 10:00 a.m.
Closing Time: 04:00 p.m.
Weekly Holiday: Nil

Entry Fees for Indians Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Entry Fees for Foreign Nationals Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Chunar Fort, also popular as Chandrakanta Chunargarh and Charanadri, is a mysterious fort located on the bank of River Ganga and overlooking the ancient town of Chunar. Standing at an elevation of about 280 ft. on a Vindhya Range hillock, the fort has been a part of popular folklore and classic novel ‘Chandrakanta’.

According to the mythological legends, Lord Vishnu placed his foot on Chunar in the disguise of a Brahmin. As per the ancient records, King Vikramaditya from Ujjain got the fort constructed for his brother Bharthari. Over many centuries, the fort exchanged hands among Rajasthan rulers, Afghan rulers, Mughal emperors and British forces.

Constructed in tiers and boasting of huge ramparts, the most noteworthy aspects of the fort include cannons, dungeons, pavilions, tunnel, Bharthari Samadhi, a deep well and the open air pavilion called Sonwa Mandap standing on 28 pillars. A canopy resting on 52 pillars was added by King Sahadeo to commemorate his victory over 52 rulers. Breathtaking views of the river from the fort are an added bonus for the visitors.

Road: A road trip alongside the beautiful bank of River Ganga takes tourists from Mirzapur to Chunar. The well-maintained road ends up at the main entrance of the fort located on a small hillock.

Railway: Chunar Junction is about 5 km. from the fort and is accessible via National Highway 7. Auto-rickshaws, cabs and hand-rickshaws are the best modes available at the junction to reach the fort.

Airway: Varanasi Airport is the closest air access point, located about 68 km. from the fort. It is recommended to hire a taxi from the airport for an enjoyable trip towards the fort.