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Dudhsagar Waterfall in Margao

·  Summer: March-May (30°C - 36°C)
·  Winter: October-February (22°C - 32°C)
·  Monsoon: June-September

Best time to visit:  June-January

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Entry Fees for Indians Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Entry Fees for Foreign Nationals Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
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Visible as a trail of milk from a distance, Dudhsagar (ocean of milk) takes the form of a mighty 4-tier cascade when approached. India’s fifth highest fall (about 310 m. in height), it epitomize the exotic beauty of Western Ghats and is located inside Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Surrounded by opulent green forests and creating the melodious sounds of splashing waters, the waterfall apparently washes off all the pains and sorrows of life.

According to a popular myth, the cascade was formed when a local princess poured sweetened milk from her jug down the hill. Swimming is a popular activity, though one must be careful especially during monsoons when the waterfall pod receives voluminous water. One can spot monkeys, colourful butterflies and a variety of birds at Dudhsagar. Trekking from various parts to reach the waterfall is something you will never forget. An added highlight is the presence of rail tunnels that promise to enhance the mystic nature of the place.

You must savour the full view of Dudhsagar from what is called the viewpoint, a popular vantage point among photographers. Trekking to the top of the fall is extremely adventurous, but you must be an experienced trekker for pursuing it.

Road: Located near Goa-Karnataka state border, the waterfall is accessible by roads maintained by the Goa Forest Department. Prefer SUVs over ordinary cars and motorbikes during monsoons, as the roads get flooded with water. The best way is to trek from Castle Rock railhead, Kulem railhead or Kuveshi to reach this epitome of nature’s ultimate magnificence.

Railway: Dudhsagar is accessible from many railway stations like Kulem (about 10 km.) and Castle Rock Railway Station (about 42 km.). Taxis are available, though tourists prefer to enjoy stimulating treks from these places. Dudhsagar train halt point is a non-commercial point where most of the trains stop for less than one minute.

Airway: Dabolim Airport is about 73 km. away from the waterfall. You must hire a taxi (preferably an SUV) to access Dudhsagar.