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Jhula Devi Temple, Ranikhet in Ranikhet

Summer: March-May (15°C - 30°C)

Winter: November-February (0°C - 24°C)

Monsoon: June-August

Best time to visit:  March-June and September-October

Opening Time: 06:00 a.m.
Closing Time: 06:00 p.m.
Weekly Holiday: N/A

Entry Fees for Indians Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Entry Fees for Foreign Nationals Adults:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Cameras:  N/A
Video Camera:  N/A
Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the popular and divine Jhula (or Jhoola) Devi Temple is visited by huge numbers of devotees every year. According to the interesting legend associated with the temple, the local residents terrified by the attacks of wild animals from Chaubattia Forests prayed to Durga who informed a local shepherd in his dream about her idol buried at a particular place in the region. The shepherd dug the ground to obtain the idol, built a temple at the same spot and installed the idol there. Durga again informed a local devotee about her wish to possess a swing (jhoola). Finally, a wooden swing was installed and the idol was kept on it.
It is believed that the goddess till date guard the local people against wild animals like tigers and leopards. A unique feature of the temple is the uncountable bronze bells in all sizes hanging in different parts. It is a firm belief that the goddess fulfils everyone’s wish and every devotee pays his or her reverence by installing a bell. The melodious sounds of these bells constantly fill the whole space with soul-touching music.
Visiting the temple is an exhilarating experience as one gets to explore captivating views of nature everywhere. A different kind of peace and mysticism rule the environment. A nearby temple dedicated to Lord Rama is also worth visiting.


Road: A splendid journey over meandering hill roads takes one to the pristine town of Ranikhet. The temple can be easily accessed on a small trek from the town’s bazaar. While walking on the route of about 1.5 km., you can enjoy the enthralling views of mountain peaks and dense forests.

Railway: The closest railway station to the temple is located about 68 km. away at Kathgodam. The temple can be accessed from the station in a taxi or local bus plying to Ranikhet.

Airway: Pantnagar Airport, which is connected to Delhi Airport by regular flights, is the closest airport to the temple. The distance of about 98 km. from the airport to the temple can be covered in a taxi.