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Prag Mahal in Bhuj

·  Summer: March-May (23°C - 44°C)
·  Winter: December-February (10°C - 36°C)
   Monsoon: June-September 

Best time to visit:  October-March

Opening Time: 09:00 a.m.
Closing Time: 06:00 p.m. (closed from 12 noon to 03:00 p.m.)
Weekly Holiday: Saturday

Entry Fees for Indians Adults:  INR 10
Children:  INR 10
Cameras:  INR 30
Video Camera:  INR 100
Entry Fees for Foreign Nationals Adults:  INR 10
Children:  INR 10
Cameras:  INR 30
Video Camera:  INR 100
Prag Mahal, an outstanding 19th century palace flaunting the enchanting Italian Gothic Architecture, is among the top attractions in the city of Bhuj. Located close to another spectacular palace called Aaina Mahal, the palace was constructed over the course of 14 years by Rao Pragmalji II and his son. Apart from the Italian marble, Rajasthani sandstone was used in constructing this architectural wonder.

Among the top highlights of the palace are its Corinthian pillars and intricate lattice work which features motifs of animals and plants (of European origin). Chandeliers, statues and many other artefacts at the Durbar Hall are worth exploring. The 45 ft. high clock tower within the premises offers outstanding views of the entire city. Another highlight is the Hindu temple in the back courtyard, admirable for its beautiful stonework. Interestingly, many popular songs and scenes from popular Hindi movies are shot at the palace.

Road: Located near to the city centre, the palace can be accessed in local buses, taxis, cabs, auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws from any part of Bhuj. The city itself is connected to the major destinations of Gujarat by road.

Railway: Bhuj Railway Station is only about 2.5 km. from the palace. Cabs and auto-rickshaws as well as cycle-rickshaws are available for the tourists outside the station.

Airway: The palace is only about 4 km. from Bhuj Airport, from where one can hire a taxi, a cab or an auto-rickshaw for the subsequent road trip.