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Introducing Adilabad

Best time to visit : Late September to March
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Adilabad is a famous tourist destination in Andhra Pradesh, India. Adilabad city is the head quarter of Adilabad District. Entire place is set amidst the splendour of Mother Nature. Surrounded with mountains, lush green forests, gushing waterfalls and interesting wildlife, Adilabad is a place worth exploring. Its natural and breathtaking scenery lures lots of tourists every year. Find more tourist information from the following sections below.


Adilabad is a famous business centre for cotton industries and therefore, it is also referred to as the 'City of Cotton'. Since Adilabad was ruled by various dynasties (Mughals, Mauryas, Satavahanas and Chalukyas) in the past, blend of all these cultures is quite prominent in the culture of modern day Adilabad.

Since Adilabad is a fusion of different cultures, you will find a huge variety of food available here ranging from non-vegetarian mughlai and tandoori to pure vegetarian food. Since, the region lies in Andhra Pradesh, the food is quite spicy with lots of chillies. Spicy biryani, sheermal, haleem, mirchi ka saalan and prawn curry are some of the specialities of this region. Sheer khorma (vermicelli made in milk) and ksheerannam (rice cooked in milk and sweetened with jiggery) are the famous sweet dishes which one must have when in Adilabad.

Nirmal toys and paintings from Adilabad are famous all over the world. People here specialize in the toy making craft. The speciality of the Nirmal toys is that they are crafted from soft wood and are coloured using indigenous vegetable dyes. Apart from toys, lot of utility and decorative items are also crafted the same way. Taking few such items as a remembrance from Adilabad can be a great idea.

Nearby Places:
  • Nagoba Temple (about 33 km.): Located in the Keslapur Village, the temple is dedicated to the serpent God and attracts devotees especially during the Nagoba Jathra Festival.
  • Pochera Waterfalls (about 50 km.): A wide and deep waterfall with immense natural beauty, it falls with a gushing speed and presets a fascinating picture.
  • Kuntala Waterfalls (about 57 km.): Kuntala Waterfall is set amidst the Sahayadri mountain range and its mesmerizing beauty attracts lots of tourists. 
  • Nirmal (about 76 km.): It is a small town surrounded by 14 lakes and the place is well known for its small scale industry of toy making and the art of Nirmal painting.
  • Jannaram (about 96 km.): It is the home to Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary with significant presence of teaks and wild-loves like tiger, leopard, sloth bear, birds and reptiles.
  • Basara (about 158 km.): A popular pilgrimage destination for being the home to Saraswati Temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. It is one of the only two temples dedicated to the Goddess in India.

Utnur Temple, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary and Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary are other nearby tourist places with wonderful attractions.

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