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Introducing Amarkantak

Best time to visit : Throughout the year
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Amarkantak, a historical and religious pilgrim site in Madhya Pradesh is set amidst a spectacular natural setting where Vindhya and Satpura ranges meet. Perched at a height of about 1,048 m., this natural heritage town is the origin place of Narmada River, Son River and Johilla River. The town also known as ‘Teerthraj’ has gained acclaim due to numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites. The charm of lush green surroundings, affluent wildlife and plant species, healthy climate and natural vistas bring flocks of tourists to Amarkantak. The reverence for this place amongst Hindus is supreme as they believe that just a glance of River Narmada helps to gain infinite blessings. Devotees also believe that if someone dies at Amarkantak, he is sure to attain salvation.


Amarkantak literally means ‘Holy voice of God’. It is located in the Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh and geographically it is a plateau region. Amarkantak was founded almost 6,000 years back by the Suryavanshi King Mandhata and he named the town by his own name – Mandhata (former name). Hindi is the main language spoken here. The area has many ponds, terrains of Maikal Hills and dense forested stretches that also attract adventure seekers apart from devotees. The travel guide further discusses useful tourist information about Amarkantak. Summers at Amarkantak are warm while winters can be moderate to chilly.

Restaurants in Amarkantak serve purely vegetarian food. You can relish typical Indian thali for lunch and dinner. Some eateries serve delicious continental food. Sweet dishes are a speciality here. Bilaspur Railway Station is a major transport junction to reach this town and most tourists have their meals at the restaurant of the rail station before proceeding for Amarkantak. Liquor is banned here.

According to this tourist guide, the best places for shopping in Amarkantak are the shops near Mandir Road and the market near temple. These shops sell all the items of basic necessity, religious items and deity photos. The tribal people gather at some places selling vegetables. Many people come here to buy the unique plant saplings, herbal medicines, herbs, medicinal plants and items from the horticulture garden.

Nearby Places:
There are many weekend getaway spots from Amarkantak. Tourists usually visit them once sightseeing in Amarkantak is done:
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·  Nagpur (about 450 km.): Popular for its juicy oranges and famous education centres, the city has many tourist attractions like Ambazari Lake, Pench National Park, Diksha Bhumi and Musical Garden.

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