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Introducing Avantipur

Best time to visit : March to October
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A religious, historical and scenic destination loaded with abundant beauty of nature, Avantipur is a prominent tourist hotspot ruling millions of national and international hearts. Young, middle age and old age are all warmly greeted by the people of Avantipur. Old and ancient temples, beautiful mountains, marvellous architecture & sculptures, eye-catching gardens & lakes, and splendid shrines together decorate the town. Superb accommodation option, mild climate and good road networks, makes Avantipur one of the magnificent tourism destination in India. For more tourist information about the place, dive into the below sections.


A famous pilgrim and tourist spot, Avantipur is a small town situated about 30 km. from Srinagar in the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir – the Paradise on Earth. Millions of tourists visit this each year for pilgrimage and serenity. The town is renowned among tourists for the old temples located here. Avantishvara Temple is the oldest and largest of all in the town. Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri are widely spoken and understood in the region. Avantivarman built the city of Avantipur. It is suggested to carry light cotton clothes during summer and woollen for winter.

Rice is the staple diet of Kashmiris. Don’t forget to try the popular vegetarian dishes like dum-aloo, chaman, kulcha etc. Kahva is the yummy sweet dish served mostly after the meal is popular all around Kashmir. Being a holy place, non-vegetarian cuisines are generally not served here. Sheer Chai and Noon Chai are types of tea commonly served in Kashmiri household.

Shopping is one of the major attractions that draw tourists to this place. Kashmir is famous in the world for its woollen and wooden handicrafts; you will find these items here in Avantipur. While in the city, you can shop for pashmina shawls, hand woven carpets, walnut-wood items and Papier Machie are some of the popular items you can buy from here. Don’t forget to buy Shahtoosh shawl, which also known as ring shawl. The fabric of this shawl is soft and of high quality. Honey, brass, saffron and almonds are some of those items you should miss buying from Avantipur.

Nearby Places:
  • Pahalgam (about 65 km.) – It is a famous hill station and trekking spot in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the best recreational spots in India. 
  • Pahalgam (about 65 km.) – It is a famous hill station and trekking spot in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the best recreational spots in India. 
  • Budgam (about 55 km.) – Known as a popular picnic spot, Budgam has a beautiful lake ‘Nilnag.’ 
  • Anantnag (about 26 km.) – Regarded as the financial and commercial capital of Kashmir. It is a religious place housing shrine of both Hindus and Muslims. 
  • Pulwama (about 20 km.) – Known as the ‘Rice Bow of Kashmir.’ Pulwama is a beautiful tourist place in Kashmir housing ancient religious places like Payer Temple, the Shrine of Shah Hamdan and Avantishwar Temple. 

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