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Introducing Champhai

Best time to visit : October to May
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How distinct the magnificence of Mother Nature can be is truly represented by Champhai. The pictorial town in Mizoram, the Northeastern state of India, has unparalleled glory defined by the emerald paddy fields and blue mountains engulfed in the sea of mist. Ancient relics, invigorating tales and legends and heart-warming culture make the place perfect for historical and cultural tours. Nature lovers as well as honeymoon couples can enjoy the town’s virginity and unexplored grandeur. Ecotourism, wildlife tourism and adventure tourism are other possible tour themes for the visitors. Tourist places that include valleys, cliffs, caves, rivers, lakes, flower orchids and some interesting monuments are scattered in and around the town and are easily accessible.


Champhai belongs to the Champhai District that shares border with the neighbouring country of Myanmar. The border town acts as the main centre of trade activities between India and Myanmar. Inhabited by the tribal Mizos, descendants of the people from Myanmar, the place is famous for the honesty and helpful nature of the local residents. Fondly called the Rice Bowl of Mizoram because of the boundless expanse of paddy fields, the town is also considered as the most glittering gem of the state’s history. It is popularly said that Mizoram’s history begins and ends with Champhai. The valley near the town is also famous for the fruit plantations of kiwi. Viewing starry sky at night and majestic Myanmar Mountains during day is like visual treats to the eyes. Admirable for its salubrious climate, the town enjoys pleasant summers and equally pleasurable winters and is located at an elevation of about 1,678 m.

Try boiled vegetable dish called bai or taste the mouth-watering preparation of pork and rice called sawhchiar. Kikpu and jadoh are some other popular dishes, while pickled bamboo shoots are great to taste. In-house restaurants of various hotels offer dishes like chicken curry, friend rice and chowmein. It is easy to find hygienic restaurants and dhabas all over the town. Grape wine which is locally brewed is a must try.

Due to its strategic location on the Indo-Myanmar border, the town has markets full of goods imported from across the border available at cheap prices. Clothing, electronic goods, electric blankets, steel tea kettles, aluminium crockery and shoes are some of the popular items. Other interesting items include Zawlaidi grape wine bottles, local herbs and spices and handicrafts.

Nearby Places:
  • Lengteng (about 126 km.): Home to thick rainforests, beautiful hills and Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary (famous for animals like tiger, leopard, wild boar and rhesus macaque) and also popular for hiking adventures.
  • Tamdil Lake (about 127 km.): The lake of the Mustard, it is an exquisite tourist place with enormous beauty and peace. 
  • Serchhip (about 165 km.): Famous for the attractions like lavish landscapes, memorial stones, Vantawng Falls and also for the adventure of paragliding.
  • Aizawl (about 190 km.): Mizroam’s capital city, it has many tourist places like State Museum, Durtlang Hills, Berawtlang Tourist Complex, Reiek Tourist Resort and so on. 
  • Phawngpui (about 192 km.): Mizoram’s Blue Mountain, considered as the Abode of the Gods, the peak has eye-pleasing beauty enhanced by rhododendrons and is also a paradise for bird-watchers.      


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