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Introducing Chidambaram

Best time to visit : October to March
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An industrial city in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, Chidambaram is the home of Annamalai University. With a number of notable temples and industries, it is a major pilgrimage for people belonging to Shaiva as well as Vaishnava cult among Hindus. Offering numerous places of interests for visitors, it is one of the main tourist places in Tamil Nadu. Various small and large industries are located in Chidambaram but the major attractions of the city are its temples and the university where thousands of students from various parts of the country come in pursuance of education. Visitors can use this city guide to know more about charms of Chidambaram city.


Chidambaram is full of temples and the most famous among them is the Nataraja Temple. In terms of antiquity, traditions, heritage, and richness of worship and festivals, the place is unique in its own rights. Combining architectural grandiose with spiritual splendour, the site is a favoured destination for the tourists not only from India, but from all over the world. Representing the rich culture of South India, its highlighting events are mythology based dances like the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva and the dance duet between Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. A recent development has been the rediscovery of Tevaram hymns.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available in Chidambaram. There are a number of restaurants like Grand Palace, Saradha Ram, Ritz, Royal Plaza, Akshay Restaurants, and Kamala Vilas and many more. You can relish South Indian as well as some North Indian food items here. Especially delicious are southern food delicacies peculiar to Tamil Nadu. “Double A” restaurant of Kothangudi Street is a favourite of students of Annamalai University where delicious parathas and fruit juices are the specialties.

For shopping in Chidambaram, visitors may go to the Khadi Craft for Indian khadi. There is a whole line of shops in the vicinity of the Nataraja Temple. In these shops, one can find various miniature replicas of Nataraja. Local markets are full of shops where the major selling items are textiles and handloom materials. For more tourist information visitors can reach to Tamil Nadu tourism office.

Nearby Places:
Places nearby for sightseeing in Chidambaram are:
  • Vaitheeswaran Koil: Situated around 27 km. from Chidambaram it is dedicated to Vaidyanatheswara, who is considered to be the healer of all diseases. It is one of the holy places for pilgrims and many believe that a bath in the holy waters of Siddhamirtham tank will cure all diseases for good. 
  • Neyveli: Lignite mines of Neyveli are 42 km. from Chidambaram and are covered by lush green vegetation. 
  • Tharangambadi: A former Danish settlement 52 km. away, it houses the now dilapidated Dasborg Fort that was constructed in 1620 as a home for top Dutch officials and is famous for its beautiful architecture. 
  • Pondicherry which is located about 70 km. from Chidambaram is famous for its international village Auroville, beaches, museums, churches, and gardens. 
  • Mahabalipuram well known for heritage sites, beaches, caves, and temple is also a honeymoon destination about 161 km. from Chidambaram.

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