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Introducing Chittoor

Best time to visit : September to February
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Chittoor, the temple town of the state of Andhra Pradesh is located on the Ponni River Basin. The town also known as Chittur, is speckled with holy shrines and temples. The place experiences a sweet blend of Tamil and Andhra culture and is home to the auspicious temple of Tirupathi Balaji. The picturesque town is deep-rooted with an agrarian and trading economy. Pristine air with panoramic vista of the surrounding hillocks and perfect weather make it a favourite tourist spot. The region captivates its visitors with its natural beauty and culture. Eat, pray, trail and travel - is all what you can do in the beautiful town of Chittoor.


The earliest inhabitants of Chittoor region were the ancient Kurumbas followed by the Chola dynasty. It was under the reign of Ballal dynasty, in the 11th century followed by the Vijayanagar kingdom. In the year 1640, the British settled by posting their armed forces in the region until the year 1884. Chittoor is an idyllic tourist place for all nature enthusiasts.

As the state shows a harmony of different religions, the cuisines also reflect the diversity. The restaurants here serve traditional cuisine on green banana leaf, which includes rice, served with lentils, sambhar, and ghee. There is a special style of serving you can see in the food served to the guests. You can relish Murku, a very common snacking delicacy made of rice flour deep-fried in oil. You can enjoy an assortment of non-vegetarian Mughlai delicacies in some of the famous eating-places.

The shopping trails in Chittoor start from the silk town of Kanchipuram famed for the silk saris. Visit to Chittoor is just incomplete without buying saris. It is also a hub for sugarcane, grains, peanuts and sweet mangoes.

Nearby Places:
Some tourist places worth visiting near Chittoor include:
  • Chandragiri Fort (About 58 km.): This historic citadel was formerly, the capital of the great Vijayanagara Empire. 
  • Nagari (About 60 km.): It is nestled between River Kusasthali and the famed Nagari hills. Nagari is dappled with many well-recognized textile industries and several temples. The place houses the prominent Sri Desamma Vari Temple. it is believed that the holy water from this temple heals all kinds of eye disorders. 
  • Madanapalle (About 94 km.): Snuggled up at an altitude of around 710 m., is a popular hilly terrain that enjoys an invigorating climate throughout the year. It is also the place to purchase beautiful silk saris at factory costs in the famous market place of Neeruguttu Palle.
  • Kaundinya Sanctuary (About 109 km.): The sanctuary enclosed with valleys and hills is home to large number of elephants.
  • Tirupati (About 71 km.): The venerated ancient temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara is amongst the most popular temples of India. 
  • Horsley Hills (About 122km.): The pristine quaint hill terrain at an altitude of around 4,312 ft. is an ideal refuge for all vacationers. The spectacular panoramic vista of the undulating hillocks and the verdant dense forestlands lends a perfect ambience for peaceful unwinding.
  • Gurramkonda Fort (About 110 km.): It is a historic hill fort at an elevation of around 2125 ft, with beautiful architectural structure.

With the best tourist information, one can end up exploring other weekend getaways from the town include Nellore, Yelagiri, Thiruvannmallai, Swami Pushkarini, Ramagiri and Nrityagram.

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