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Introducing Daman

Best time to visit : October to April
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Ruled by Portuguese for more than 400 years, Daman acts like a melting pot of cultures and religions today. The city is located along the Arabian coastline in west India and is a part of the union territory of Daman and Diu. Beach tourism is the biggest draw for the tourists to visit Daman. Besides, the blend of Indian and Portuguese culture and an interesting past has blessed the place with historical tourist places. Weekend tourism is what the visitors from the neighbouring states of Gujarat and Maharashtra consider a great idea. In addition, Daman has become a celebrated destination for New Year and Christmas parties.


Located in the Gulf of Cambay, the island of Daman has been a popular port of the region. Popularly called ‘the Lotus of Marshlands’, Daman has a culture that caters to different faiths and age groups. Divided into two parts, Nanidaman (little Daman) and Motidaman (big Daman) by River Daman Ganga, the city has arrays of striking monuments that include churches and forts. Water sports and water parks, along with many other entertainment venues raise the standard of tourist activities in Daman. Add to the list the moderate climatic conditions for most part of the year and Daman emerges as a perfect holiday spot. Refer to the tourist information below to plan a trip to this beautiful island.

Seafood, especially lobster and crab, dominates the menus of many popular restaurants of this port city. Many non-vegetarian preparations like chicken bullet are worth trying. Damanganga Lake Garden, Martha’s Place, Hotel Miramaar, Daman Delite and Sea View Beach Resort are some good places to enjoy food. Don’t miss the unique drink called tari palm wine. Boiled peas with salt, called papri, is an exclusive snack served all over the city.

Daman is a great place to buy products made of leather and bamboo. For example, bamboo baskets and mats in an extended variety can instantly get your attention. Another popular category is that of handicrafts with intricate details. Close to Devka Beach, one can find shops selling attractive items made of seashells and oysters. Interested tourists can also find popular Indian and international liquor brands in the city.

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