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Introducing Dharamsala

Best time to visit : September to June
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Dharamsala (also referred to as Dharamshala) is a quaint hill station that enjoys the beautiful backdrop of Dhauladhar Mountains in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. A charming North India destination for nature lovers and honeymooners, it is also a major pilgrimage destination for Buddhists and followers of other religions. Adventure tourists also count on Dharamshala to participate in activities like trekking, hiking, paragliding and nature walking. The place is also popular for its high-profile yoga tourism because of the presence of large numbers of yoga, meditation and holistic healing centres. Tourist places in and around Dharamsala include Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, old churches, natural vistas and museums and cultural centres.


Dharamsala is usually referred to twin settlement of Lower Dharamsala (also called Dharamsala) and Upper Dharamsala (also called McLeod Ganj) that are about 10 km. apart. Home to His Holiness Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in exile, Dharamsala bears great Buddhist and Tibetan influences in everything. No wonder that it is known to the world as ‘the Little Lhasa (Tibet’s administrative capital) in India’. It serves as the state’s winter capital and enjoys cool climate round the year. Note it as a part of important tourist information that winters here can be extremely cold and may receive snowfall. Dharamsala has everything, from green forest covers, tea gardens and gushing streams to healthy atmosphere and spirituality that attracts even foreign tourists in huge numbers.

Tibetan flavours are bound to rule the menu cards at Dharamsala restaurants that are present in huge numbers and all over. Noodle soups (called thupka), thenthuk and momos are the Tibetan food items that you would love to taste. The place also has restaurants serving North Indian, South Indian and continental cuisines. Prefer to visit Carpe Diem, Flourishing Flora, Himalayan Restaurant, Lhamo’s Croissant and Nick’s Italian Kitchen.

If you are on a spiritual journey, you would love to take back home Buddhist prayer wheels, singing bowls, incest sticks, thangkas and prayer flags. Tibetan handmade items like carpets, shawls, silk scarves and wooden items can easily draw one’s attention. Kotwali Bazaar and Jogibara Road are the best places to find shops for everything. You may also wish to invest in embroidered jackets, fur hats, purses and meditation cushions.

Nearby Places:
  • Chamunda Temple (about 16 km.): Another popular pilgrimage centre, it is a beautiful temple with a vast water pool and majestic views of the surroundings.
  • Kangra (about 32 km.): A popular Hindu pilgrimage destination of Kangra Valley, it has the very famous Brajeshwari Devi Temple and the beautiful Kangra Nagarkot Fort.
  • Jwalamukhi (about 66 km.): An unbelievable place, where flame appearing from rock cervices is being worshipped since time immemorial at Jwalamukhi Devi Temple.
  • Palampur (about 61 km.): Visit this exquisite hill station known for its tea gardens, Dhauladhar Nature Park, ancient Baijnath Shiva Temple and abundant scenic beauty.
  • Nurpur (about 61 km.): Great attractions of this place include Nurpur Fort, Brij Raj Swami Temple and Naagni Mata Temple.
  • Dalhousie (about 117 km.): Known for its tranquil environment and relaxing ambiance, Dalhousie tends to differ from other hill stations in the state.  

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