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Introducing Girnar

Best time to visit : September to March
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The divine land of Gujarat, where timeless tales of Hindu Mythology fill the air till date, offers a wonderful pilgrimage opportunity in the form of Girnar. A group of sacred mountain peaks constitutes this religious place where pilgrims in thousands pay visit during festivals like Mahashivratri and Girnar Parikrama. Located in the Junagadh District, Girnar is equally popular among the Hindu and Jain devotees for housing temples dedicated to each religion. An exciting aspect is that there are 10,000 steps joining different peaks that one needs to climb for accessing the most popular temples of the region. Visiting this West Indian tourist destination is an exhilarating experience and one needs adequate tourist information for the trip.


Girnar mountain peaks are believed to be older than the mighty Himalayas and the tallest of these peaks has Gujarat’s highest point (1,031 m.) above sea level. The pilgrimage is older than ancient sites of Mohanjodaro and Dholavira and has connection with the religions that existed during Indus Valley Civilization. Presently addressed with names like Girinagar and Girnar Hill, the place has been known throughout the history as Raivatachal, Manipur, Puratanpur, Ujjayant, Chandraketupur and by many other names. It is believed that Girnar has served as home to Jain Tirthankaras and various sects of Hindu sages (who continue to live here) for many centuries. It is strongly believed that a visit to Girnar helps one to achieve moksha (salvation) and ascend to heaven after death. Covered with lush green forests, Girnar experiences tropical climate with extremely hot summers and moderate to extremely cold winters.

Being a pilgrimage, Girnar offers strictly vegetarian food which is served at langars (community meals) and free meal counters. There are specific places called Annakshetras in all part where the pilgrims may stop to eat during their religious journey. Free water counters too are available to make steep hill climbing easier for the pilgrims. Vendors selling tea, fruits, fruit chaat, vegetable salads, coconut water and light snacks can also be found.

Just like many other pilgrimage sites in India, Girnar has small shops that sell items like God idols and various things used in religious rituals. There are no big shops or marketplaces at this place.

Nearby Places:
  • Gir National Park: Girnar is located amidst the reputed national park which is the only existing abode to Asiatic lions and is also worth exploring for many other wildlife species.
  • Junagadh (about 4 km.): An historical city, Junagadh is popular for its forts, Buddhist Caves, tombs and mausoleums, Ashoka’s Rock Edict and many other attractions.
  • Chorward (about 72 km.): Home to one of the most splendid beaches of Gujarat, Chorward is also known for its beautiful royal palaces and rocky formations.
  • Somnath (about 88 km.): Somanth Temple of Lord Shiva, located on a mesmerizing beach, has a glorious history and is one of the top pilgrimage sites for Hindus.
  • Jamnagar (about 138 km.): The city has exciting attractions like Marine National Park, Balahanuman Temple, Jain Temples and activities like sailing and camping.

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