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Introducing Guntur

Best time to visit : October to March
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Rich culture, celebrated history, buzzing economy, and relaxing environment make Guntur a significant tourist destination in India. One of the most fascinating cities in the Southeast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Guntur houses something for every choice. Historical monuments, wide spread greenery, rich and fertile agricultural land, enticing religious places, surprises tourists at every step. Known for its prosperous economy and modern outlook, the city is a textile and transportation hub of the country and a renowned center for learning. Dive through the various sections to get interesting tourist information about Guntur.


Guntur is a city and also the capital of Guntur District in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is an important centre of education, housing one of the largest universities in India – Acharya Nagarjuna University. Guntur is renowned as one of the fourth largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Guntur showcases a perfect fusion of modern and rural life. Telugu is the primary language spoken in Guntur, though Hindi and English are also spoken and understood. Guntur is best known for its red chillies. Local bodies are investing their efforts to set up a global chilly park in the city to boost tourism. The city was under the strong influence of Buddhists, therefore you will find the majority of Buddhist historical sites in the city; one of which is ‘Mahachaitya Stupa.’

Andhra style meal and breakfast are common in Guntur, with idli, dosa, and puri served with spicy chutney. Chillies are more prominent in almost every dish like mirchi bajji also known as mirapakaya bajji. Guntur houses eateries for every budget from roadside food stalls to international fast food outlets and restaurants. International restaurant chains like KFC and Domino’s Pizza have their outlets in Guntur. Don’t forget to taste the scrumptious aavakaaya pickle, gongura pickle with typical Andhra style meals. The Anand Bhavan Hotel is a 50 year old hotel famous for its vegetarian meals and tiffin service.

Guntur offers variety of shopping venues to tourists from local markets (including wholesale and traditional markets) to high-end shopping malls. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers are some of the common items sold in the local markets. You can shop for consumer goods at wholesale rate in the city’s famous wholesale market the ‘Patnam Bazar.’ Guntur is the major producer and exporter of cotton, paddy, tobacco, and chillies. Make sure you carry some cotton and chillies back home. A city guide map will help you locate these places.

Nearby Places:
  • Sitanagaram (about 16 km.) –   An ideal destination for recreational activities. Someswara Swamy Temple is the popular attraction of this place.
  • Kotappakonda (about 56 km.) – Renowned as the home of Trikoteswara Swamy, the place is famous for its Mahashivratri celebration. 
  • Bhattiprolu (about 60km.) – A small village, the place is popular for its Buddhist stupas. The place was originally known as Pratipalapura.
  • Chebrolu (about 20 km.) –   Famous for its Brahmalingeshwara Temple and Nageshwara Temple. The Chebrolu Fort depicts the history of the place. 
  • Vijaywada (about 38 km.) –    An important trade and commerce centre. The place is famous for its temple, stupas, and scenic beauty.


Khammam (157 km.), Nalgonda (168 km.), Nagarjuna Sagar (150 km.) are other nearby attractions.

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