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Introducing Jaisalmer

Best time to visit : October to March

The city that resides inside a medieval fort, Jaisalmer is truly a delight for its visitors and a glittering gem in the state of Rajasthan. Apart from the Golden Fort that rests on Trikuta Hills, the city has many other historic attractions and a host of tourist places like Jain temples, royal mansions, museums and traditional shopping hubs. Tourists who adore the history and culture of Rajasthan visit Jaisalmer in large numbers, despite of its location in the hot desert. Many North and Northwest India tour packages count Jaisalmer as a worthy destination.


Jaisalmer is Rajasthan’s oldest living fort city which came into being in the mid 12th century. Once a significant stop on the trade route to the Central Asia, Jaisalmer today is known for its tourism. Located in the Great Thar Desert, the city is only few miles away from the India-Pakistan border. Because of the extensive presence of sandstone and yellow sand that shine like gold under the sun, the city is popularly called ‘The Golden City’. Most of the city’s structures are made of yellow sandstone that adds to the glitters. Jaisalmer remains dry for most of the year and experienced extremely hot summers and moderately cold winters.

Typical Jaisalmer cuisines include the mouth-watering ken angria, bhanon aloo, murgh-e-subz and kadi pakora. There are many restaurants in and around the fort offering good food as well as great views of the surroundings. Desert Eves, Lakeview Lounge, Artist Hotel and Midtown Restaurant offer cuisines from all over the world. Trio, Chokhi Dhani and popular fast food joints can also be visited.

Jaisalmer is a paradise for those who value traditional handicrafts of Rajasthan. Embroidered textiles, rugs and carpets reflect the artistic skills of the local people. Silver jewellery, carved wooden boxes, stoneware and mirror works are among other interesting items to buy. Sadar Bazaar and Bhatia Market are two marketplaces where all these items can be found. Khadi Gramuddyog Emporium is a government run venue offering a huge variety of fabrics.

Nearby Places:
  • Bada Bagh (about 6 km.): A big garden with an array of royal chattris (cenotaphs) dedicated to various Jaisalmer Maharajas.  
  • Mool Sagar (about 8 km.): The Mool Sagar Complex consists of a gorgeous royal palace, a garden, a tank and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. 
  • Lodhruva (about 15 km.): Popular for the beautiful Jain temple dedicated to the 23rd Tirthankara and a number of architectural ruins.
  • Kuldhara (about 17 km.): Believed to be a haunted village, some daring tourists like to visit the place that houses many old ruins.
  • Wood Fossil Park (about 17 km.): An interesting destination, this prehistoric park is home to the fossil trunks of nearly 25 trees. 
  • Desert National Park (about 30 km.): Home to desert ecosystem and diverse species of birds, the park also has dinosaur fossils and is a popular wildlife destination.


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