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Introducing Khajuraho

Best time to visit : October to March
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Khajuraho is a historic town where love takes the form of stone carvings and the outstanding heritage of Medieval Age enjoys permanence in the form of architecture wonders. Located in the Chattarpur District of Madhya Pradesh, the city is world-famous for its temple groups that depict love and life in an elaborated form. Built over the time span of more than 100 years, these temples remain secluded under dense forest covers for centuries, until discovered by the British in the first half of the 19th century. Today, these enchanting attractions of Khajuraho attract everyone, from those having deep interest in the Indian art, architecture and culture to the romantic couples as well as the foreign nationals, who boast of their admiration for the Indian heritage.


One of the most visited tourist places in the Central India; Khajuraho is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Showcasing the enthralling Indo-Aryan architectural style, the Hindu and Jain Temples here are made of sandstones and have many of their parts built of extremely bulky megaliths. Interestingly, no mortar was used to hold the stones that were set together using mortise and tenon joints. Though acclaimed for erotic sculptures (believed to show the Kamasutra lovemaking poses), the temples are dedicated to various Indian deities and have sculptures depicting routine life, human forms, animals and plants, music and dance forms, marriage alliance, meditation, kinship and much more. Temples at Khajuraho are divided into Western, Eastern and Southern groups. Note as a part of the important tourist information that Khajuraho experiences extremely hot summers.

Restaurants and cafes serving Indian, continental, Chinese and Italian cuisines can be easily located in Khajuraho. Worth trying are the local preparations like mawa-bati, malpua, moong dal ka halwa, khurma and lavang lata. The Green View Restaurant, Blue Sky Restaurant (with rooftop dining place), Raja Café and Agarwal Veg Restaurant are some good places. Street vendors offer spicy snacks and mouth-watering sweet delicacies.

Khajuraho has few shops where beautifully carved stone, iron and brass sculptures (imitating those carved on the temples). Tuesday weekly bazaars offer attractive varieties of silverware. The government run Crafts Emporium is a good place to buy sculptures, ornaments and many other handmade items.

Nearby Places:
  • Ken Natural Trail (about 20 km.): Alongside River Ken is this beautiful jungle track with enchanting splendour and attractions like Raneh Falls and Ken Gharial Sanctuary. 
  • Panna (about 45 km.): Popular for the tiger reserve called Panna National Park and beautiful waterfalls like Pandav Fall.
  • Ajaigarh (about 53 km.): A hidden gem with a majestic fort located on a hilltop. The fort is worth visiting to explore mesmerizing carvings, temples and water reservoirs. 
  • Kalinjar Fort (about 86 km.): Offering an aesthetic appeal, this historic fort is well-known for its rock-cut sculptures, palaces, temples and ponds.
  • Orchha (about 172 km.): Located on River Betwa, this historic town has a gorgeous palace-fort with many wonderful structures like Jahangir Mahal, Raja Ram Temple and Chaturbhuj Temple.  

Other tourist sights near Khajuraho include Benisagar Lake and Dam, Rangaun Lake, Gangau Dam and Majhgavan Diamond Mines.

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