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Introducing Kolasib

Best time to visit : November to May
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For a distinctive holiday experience that takes one away from the congested and run-of-the-mill tourist places, Kolasib can be the right bet. A small town in the Northeast Indian state of Mizoram, it remains shielded from the influence of commercialized world and offers its visitors the much desired peace and relaxation. Embellished with natural vistas like lush green forests and fields, voluble rivers, pristine lakes and orchids extending over miles, the town is apt for spending great moments close to the nature. What makes the place truly unique is the tribal culture that prevails here. Local customs and traditions distinguish the local residents from those living in other parts of the region.


Kolasib is the administrative hub of the district of Kolasib in Mizoram. It is amazing to watch the town as it instantly gets engulfed in clouds and act as a fairytale destination. The Mizo people inhabiting the place are the descendents of migrants from Myanmar and have blessed the place with outstanding cultural traditions. River Tlwang flowing near to the town adds charm to the surroundings and hosts many places for sightseeing in Kolasib. The place is located at the height of about 888 m. and remains pleasantly enjoyable across the year. However, the monsoon season brings heavy rainfall and is not worth travelling to the region.

Kolasib is popular for cuisines that constitute non-vegetarian ingredients like pork and fish. Small restaurants and dhabas here also serve boiled preparations that are delicious in taste. In-house restaurants of various hotels are also suitable. Tea (locally called zu) is the most popular drink here.

The beauty of Mizoram lies in the culture of different tribes that come out with a variety of interesting handicrafts for the tourists. Kolasib too has shops selling locally crafted items of bamboo and cane. Toys and hand-woven shawls and other garments are also worth taking back home.

Nearby Places:
  • Aizawl (about 80 km.): Capital city of Mizoram, Aizawl is famous for the attractions like Mizoram State Museum, Durtlang Hill Station, Solomon Temple and Berawtlang Tourist Complex. 
  • Silchar (about 92 km.): Adorned with splendid tea gardens, Silchar is also known for the historical ruins of Khaspur, Gandhibag Park and a number of pilgrimage spots like ISKCON temple, Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir and Maniharan Tunnel. 
  • Mamit (about 136 km.): Famous for tribal culture and lifestyle, the place is famous for many other attractions like Dampa Tiger Reserve, West Phaileng teak plantations, Pukzing Caves and Lungkulh Lakes.
  • Hmuifang (about 137 km.): Admired for a number of local festivals, the place is also popular for picturesque beauty and some amazingly beautiful orchids. 
  • Phawngpui (about 152 km.): Highest mountain peak in Mizoram, Phawngpui is a paradise adorned with a variety of rhododendrons and orchids and is home to some beautiful bird species like falcon, hornbill, barbet, pheasant and so on.  
  • Tamdil Lake (about 157 km.): Perfect for heart-warming sightseeing, this beautiful lake offers the opportunities like boating and has a fish farm nearby. 
  • Thenzawl (about 176 km.): Another Mizo town full of natural magnificence, Thenzawl boasts of Vantawng Falls and Thenzawl Deer Park. 


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