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Introducing Kotagiri

Best time to visit : Round the year
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Kotagiri is a small town in Tamil Nadu wrapping beauty and serenity in its binds. Unlike many crowded tourist places, Kotagiri has unblemished charm intact. Adorning South India with its majestic splendour, Kotagiri is famous for its tea gardens. Explore the woods, go for trekking, engage in rock climbing, take a jeep ride in one of the tea estates along curved roads or simply bask in the sun to enjoy a visit to this hill station. Away from over commercialisation, covered by dense vegetation, cliffs and valleys, the European architecture in the area make it an ideal weekend getaway that can soothe body and mind alike. You can explore this quiet and delightful hill town on foot and there is no need to avail services of any travel guide.


Kotagiri is situated in the Nilgiri hills about 29 km. from Ooty and is one of those places that have comfortable climate round the year. Other than being a tourist spot, it is believed to have gold deposits. Bauxite is mined from here in considerable quantities and this makes the place geographically significant. You can experience the fun of Kotagiri Habba festival in May here. Misty skies, cool air and splendid falls make this quiet hill station a favourite among tourists. Home to the Kota tribe, Kotagiri offers travellers an undisturbed sojourn.

All types of Indian food are available in Kotagiri, but the best foods available are the south Indian dishes. Vegetarian dishes in Hotel Kasthuri are not only tasty, but also quite affordable. Hotel Subam serves excellent non vegetarian dishes and there are several small joints that serve fast foods like samosa and spicy soya fry.

Since Kotagiri is famous for the tea plantations, you can buy very good quality Nilgiri tea from here. You can find amazing pottery and ceramic ware made by local people of Kotagiri.

Nearby Places:
  • Kodanad View Point: Just 16 km. away from Kotagiri is the Kodanad View Point. From this place you can get a breath-taking view of Mysore plateau on one side, and the lush green farming cooperative called Thengu mara haada on the other side. This view is a treat to the eyes.
  • John Sullivan bungalow: About 4 km. from this town is the beautiful bungalow of John Sullivan. It has been renovated and is now accessible to the common public.
  • Rangaswamy Peak: Nearly 15 km. away from Kotagiri is the Rangaswamy Peak that is 1,785 m. high. It is considered a holy spot and a place where Lord Rangaswamy stayed after he left his family following a quarrel with his wife.
  • Denad Village: There is also the Denad village in the northwest corner of the Rangaswamy peak. The Rangaswamy pillar that is 400 feet in height is extremely narrow and cannot be climbed.

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