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Introducing Nersa

Best time to visit : October to March
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One of the finest places to witness the fusion of picturesque landscapes and entrancing greenery, Nersa (in Karnataka) is a small settlement located on the edge of Karnataka and Goa. The rich greenery of the village captivates larger eyeballs, especially of nature devotees. The tiny village of Nersa reserves a considerable area for tourist fun and enjoyment, which are popularly known as tourist places in Nersa. Wildlife sanctuary, fort, gardens, dense green forest, grass covered shinning hills are a few attractions that are worth exploring in Nersa. Nersa is a great relaxation point for travellers seeking a serene holiday spot. Due to its dense lush green forest, the village has emerged as a prime spot for jeep safaris and jungle safaris. Every single vacation to the city is unforgettable. Fun and entertainment ratio is at peak with several adventurous activities like bird watching, trekking, jungle safari, animal spotting, studying bats, and many such fantastic activities being organized.


Nersa is believed to be one the richest biodiversity locations on the earth where you can locate countless alien bird species (276 species) and water bodies. The forest in Nersa features around 174 assortments of medicinal plants. Nersa is approximately 500 km. away from the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. It is a perfect holiday hotspot for nature and wildlife enthusiasts who are keen spotting unique bird (Paradise Flycatcher and Ceylon Frogmouth) and animal species to decorate their photo albums. Multilingual population speaking Marathi, English, Hindi, Kannada, makes the trip to Nersa even more interesting. The weather is pleasant during winters in Nersa, with hills and forest appearing extraordinarily impressive. Jungle safari and trekking can be best tried during summers and winters.

South Indian dishes are best served in Nersa. Resort like the Hermitage offers excellent accommodation option and serves delicious variety of South Indian foods at a reasonable price.

The tiny hamlet of Nersa is a crucial agrarian belt for groundnut, paddy, and sugarcane cultivation. You can buy these items in bulk at a reasonable price in Nersa. Other than these, this place is not a shopper’s paradise.

Nearby Places:
  • Dandeli– Surrounded by the rich forests of Western Ghats, Dandeli is a small town located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is popular for its Wildlife Sanctuary. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka, popular for its herd elephants. The sanctuary houses a variety of wildlife species like black panthers, deer, bison, leopards, antelopes etc. and over 300 species of birds and water bodies. 
  • Yellur – A relatively small village located in Udupi district, Yellur houses a 1000 year old Temple of Lord Shiva – Shri Vishweshwara Temple. Although a ‘not-so-famous’ holiday spot, it is a great vacation getaway for tourists seeking natural and tranquil surrounding. 
  • Belgaum – Adorned with rich history and celebrated religious heritage, Belgaum is a city in Indian State of Karnataka and a popular holiday spot. Blessed with becharming hill and rocky valleys, enthralling river valleys, lush green forest, animal sanctuaries, and historical attractions in Sogal, Yedur, and Konnur district. 
  • Ganeshgudi – Decorated with thick deciduous forest and eternal greenery, Ganeshgudi is a nature lover’s dreamland and bird paradise in North Karnataka.  The city is popular for its enchanting natural beauty and adventurous activities.

    All these places are located within a range of about 100 km. from Nersa. For more tourist information about the places around Nersa, it is best to hire a tourist guide.

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