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Introducing Nizamabad

Best time to visit : October to February
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In the series of historical towns and cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Nizamabad is one name that has earned significant acclaim because of its long association with the region’s history. Apart from the historical monuments, this South Indian city is well-known for its cultural diversity and few instances of natural beauty as well. Another noteworthy facet of the city is the presence of numerous temples and religious sites that make it a popular destination for pilgrimage as well. Catering to the diverse holiday plans, here is a travel guide offering concrete tourist information about Nizamabad.


Previously known by the names like Indhooru and Indhrapuri, the city’s present day name is associated with the rule of Nizams in the region. One of the most important cities of Nizamabad District, it has tourist places ranging from forts and temples to dams, forests and hills. These places are scattered over different towns and villages in the area. Extremely hot summers and mild winters define the climate of the city. Agriculture is the backbone of Nizamabad and one can find some popular agricultural products in the city markets. The cultural riches of the place are reflected in its festive celebrations like Neelkanteshwara and Janda.

Nizamabad, like the rest of the tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh, offers the wonderful mix of South Indian and Nawabi preparations, the main highlight being the use of spices. Idli, dosa and vada are quite popular, while chicken curry (especially Ankapur desi chicken), chicken tikka and biryani are simply irresistible. Worth trying snacks include panipuri and paav bhaji while the famous sweets include jalebi. Manasa Restaurant, Navrang, Mahfil and Kapila Hotel are some top-rated places to eat at.

Nothing exciting is available for purchase in the city markets. One can look for top quality agricultural products that are obtained from the locally grown crops and include turmeric and vegetable oils.

Nearby Places:
  • Basara (about 35 km.): Home to one of two temples of Goddess Saraswathi in India. The temple located on the bank of River Godavari attracts flocks of devotees. Another attraction is the four-sided monolithic stone called Veda Sila, known to produce 7 musical notes. 
  • Bada Pahad Dargah (about 38 km.): Located on a hillock, this sacred mausoleum of Saint Syed Sadullah Hussaini attracts thousands of devotees. 
  • Domakonda (about 78 km.): Popular for Domakonda Fort that features beautiful architecture and houses eye-pleasing palaces and temples and also for the temples of Lord Shiva and Sai Baba.
  • Pocharam Forest and Wildlife Sanctuary (about 110 km.): Home to Pocharam Lake, lush green forests and Pocharam Dam, the place is famous for animals like antelopes, leopards and sloth bear.
  • Medak (about 106 km.): Famous attractions like Medak Fort, Manjira Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, Medak Cathedral, Gottam Gutta and many more. 
  • Hyderabad (about 176 km.): State capital and a top-rated tourist destination, Hyderabad has old world charm and attractions like Charminar, Hussein Sagar Lake, Golconda Fort and Salar Jung Museum. 



Koulas Fort, Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple Bhiknoor, Nizam Sagar Dam, Anksapur Mercury Shivalingam Temple and Tadpakal Pushkaram are among many other weekend getaways close to Nizamabad.

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