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Introducing Omkareshwar

Best time to visit : October to March
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Omkareshwar is a divine island formed by River Narmada in the Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh. Home to the very sacred Omkareshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva; the island is visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and religious travellers every year. Resting between two different hill ranges of Vindhyas and Satpuras, the island is better known by the names like Shivpuri and Mandhata. This immensely popular pilgrimage destination of Central India is popular for pilgrim tours, though the visitors are spellbound by the eye-pleasing beauty and heart-warming environment of the place. Summers here are extremely hot while winters can be extremely chilly. The following sections of Omkareshwar travel guide offer more tourist information.


The fact that the island takes the shape of ‘Om’ symbol makes Omkareshwar an extremely revered place among Hindu pilgrims. Two hills and River Narmada provide the holy shape to the island. Omkareshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas (places where Shiva is worshipped as infinite pillar of light) in India. It is believed that taking holy dip in the sacred waters of the river and performing parikrama (circumambulation) of the holy place help devotees to gain moksha (salvation) after death. Many legends are associated with the temple constructed from the soft stones found in the region. It is also believed that Omkareshwar is one half of the Shiva Lingam, while the other half resides at the nearby temple of Amareshwar (or Mamleshwar).

Vegetarian dishes with ethnic Indian taste can be enjoyed at this pilgrimage destination. Dal-bafla, sabudana khichdi and poha are the popular preparations, while many delicious desserts and sweets like jalebi, gulabjamun, rabdi and mung halwa are relished by one and all. Multi-cuisine restaurants and dhabas near the bus stand as well as the bhojanalayas near the temple offer quality food. Shikanji (lemon water) and jaljeera are the two refreshing drinks available in all parts.

Shopping at Omkareshwar can be interesting if you love to buy Indian handicrafts and prayer items. God idols made of various types of materials at shops near the temple are extremely attractive. Ethnic jewellery items and religious books too can be purchased at cheap rates.

Nearby Places:
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  • Patalpani Waterfall (about 75 km.): The mesmerizing waterfall is also a popular spot for trekking and offers majestic beauty to the visitors.
  • Indore (about 85 km.): Outstanding architecture of the structures like Rajwada Palace and Lal Bagh Palace, wonderful temples, beautiful parks and other tourist places make Indore a popular tourist destination.
  • Mandav (about 113 km.): Famous for enchanting monuments like Delhi Darwaza, Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Baz Bahadur Palace and Rani Roopmati Pavilion. 
  • Ujjain (about 142 km.): Home to another Jyotirling at Mahakaleshwar Temple, it is another popular holy city among Hindus. 

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