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Introducing Pattadakal

Best time to visit : October to February
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A glittering gem on the magnificent heritage trail of Karnataka, Pattadakal is a small village in the state’s Bagalkot District. The perfect example of how ancient places in India that were once ruled by the royal clans amalgamated culture, religion and architecture, the village is known for its ten fascinating temples, each being marvellous in its own way. River Malaprabha flows by this South Indian village which boasts of greenery, clean environment and relaxing atmosphere. The tourist places in Pattadakal attract large number of tourists who have great regards for the Indian culture and history.


Pattadakal has the UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising of 10 temples (9 Hindu temples and 1 Jain temple). The rulers of Chalukya Dynasty made the village their cultural capital and built these temples from 7th to 8th century. What is notable about the temples is the blend of temple architectures from North and South India. Popularly called the Vesara architecture style, it is the mix of Dravidian, Nagara, Rekha and Prasada styles. Pattadakal lies on the world-famous heritage trail, along with the nearby cities of Badami and Aihole. It experiences mild hot summers, while the winters are enjoyable for sightseeing in Pattadakal. The temples open from sunrise to sunset and can be best explored in the company of a travel guide.

Pattadakal has small shops selling hot tea and snacks, but there are no restaurants in the village. The nearby destinations like Badami have restaurants where typical South Indian cuisines can be enjoyed. Restaurants with Continental, Chinese and North Indian menus can also be located.

Being the heritage tourism site, the village lacks shopping places. Those interested in buying the very popular items of the region like silk sarees, silk art and handlooms can visit the nearby places like Ilkal.

Nearby Places:
  • Aihole (about 14 km.): Popularly called the cradle of Chalukyan Temples, Aihole has more than 125 temples, the most popular being Durga Temple, Lad Khan Temple, Meguti Jain Temple and Huchimalli Temple. 
  • Badami (about 22 km.): Another experimental ground of Chalukyas, the place is famous for its amazing cave temples, holy Agasythya Tank and beautiful cliffs.
  • Lakkundi (about 80 km.): Popular for the ruined temple sites of Mallikarjuna, Manikeshwara and Someshwara and other attractions like Brahma Jinalaya Temple and stepped wells. 
  • Gadag (about 81 km.): Extending the heritage trail further are the beautiful temples of Veeranarayana and Trikuteshwara at Gadag, which is also famous for Magadi Bird Sanctuary and Binkadakatti Zoo.
  • Itagi (about 85 km.): The place accommodates one of the finest temples of Karnataka, called Mahadeva Temple, known for its stunning architecture and sculptures.
  • Hampi (about 136 km.): Famous for the ruins of Vijayanagara Empire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is a must-visit place to explore rocky landscapes, royal enclosures, palaces, temples, stepped tanks, stone chariots and much more.

If you have time, you can obtain tourist information to visit other equally alluring places like Koppal, Kuknur and Bijapur.

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