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Introducing Ranchi

Best time to visit : September to May
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Rich in natural reserves like minerals and forest covers, Ranchi has a distinct rural charm, though its countryside personality doesn’t restrain the city from being one of the popular tourist places of East India. In the recent years, this capital city of Jharkhand State has come up as a health and holiday resort, mainly because of its cool and refreshing climate. Tourists visit Ranchi to explore distinguished aspects of nature and the city also attracts pilgrims, wildlife lovers and those who appreciate the beautiful Indian culture. Tribal culture is among the main highlights and attracts a lot of foreigners. Learn about weather, transport modes and attractions of Ranchi along with other details from the following city guide.


Ranchi is fondly called the City of Waterfalls because of many scenic falls located in the city and at other nearby premises of Ranchi District. It is also called the Manchester of the East because of its richness in different minerals. The city is located on Chotanagpur Plateau at an elevation of about 2,140 ft and experiences pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. Surrounded by the wealth of forests comprising of trees like sal, gambhar, simul, maugha and kend, Ranchi is also referred to as the ‘vegetable bowl’ because of huge production of green vegetables. Nilgai, bear, chital and many other wild species find home at the forests around Ranchi which is also known for its grand festivals, red soil covers, lavish valleys and enchanting rocky hillocks.

Cuisines prepared from rice are quite popular in Ranchi. One must try the local delicacies like dhuska, kera-dadhauri and litti-chaukha. Kaveri Restaurant and Krishna Restaurant are two popular venues. Many restaurants offering North Indian and Continental foods can also be easily located. Ranchi is also popular for a variety of sweets that can be tasted at numerous sweet shops. Outlets of all leading fast food chains find place in the city.

When in Ranchi, one can get easily impressed by the tribal handicrafts made from wood and bamboo (baskets, hats and furniture). Paitkar paintings are highly exquisite and depict the regional folklore. One can also look for handmade jewellery, ornaments, stonework and woodwork. Visit the marketplaces around Roshpa Tower and church complex. Handloom emporiums selling authentic handicrafts can be easily located by obtaining tourist information from the local residents.

Nearby Places:
  • Dassam Falls (about 30 km.): One of the best scarp falls of the region, it is known for the water falling in the form of 10 streams and also for crystal clear waters.
  • Hundru Falls (about 40 km.): It is a wonderful picnic spot known for offering spectacular sight of falling water and astonishing rock formations.
  • Jonha Falls (about 40 km.): Another wonderful attraction of Ranchi District, it is a type of hanging valley fall with great relaxing atmosphere and a Buddhist shrine. 
  • Angrabadi Temple Complex (about 45 km.): The temple complex with amazing beauty and spiritual ambiance, it is known for housing temples dedicated to Lord Ganpati, Lord Hanuman, Ram-Sita and Lord Shiva. 
  • Panchghagh Falls (about 50 km.): Famous for 5 roaring rivulets that come down as a waterfall producing magnificent sounds. Other two popular waterfalls near Ranchi include Sita Falls and Hirni Falls.
  • Rajrappa (about 75 km.): Extremely popular for its scenic waterfall, polycyclic valley and highly revered Chhinnamasta Temple.
  • Netarhat (about 140 km.): A popular hill station known for arrays of waterfalls, vintage points and sunset and sunrise views.  


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