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Introducing Saputara

Best time to visit : Throughout the year
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Saputara literally meaning 'abode of the serpents' is the only hill station of Gujarat. Located in the Dang district of Gujarat, this famous hill station has a cool bracing weather and all is a befitting option for a perfect holiday. Tourists frequent this place for the picturesque views of the surroundings and for a comfortable climate that soothes the mind and body. Apart from that, museums, swimming pool, ropeways, theatres, hotels, restaurants, parks etc. are all there to serve tourists to the fullest. It is one of those well planned tourist places providing a variety of experiences for all kinds of tourists. Natural relics, chilling breeze, misty evenings and hill tops make this place an interesting visit for nature lovers. Saputara also offers a sneak peek into the tribal lives of locals who reside in this place.


Saputara is situated at a height of about 1000 m. above sea level and perched on top of the second largest plateau of the Sahyadari mountain range. This hill station municipality in the western part of India got its name from a local custom. During the festival of Holi, the tribal people staying here worship an image of a snake on the banks of the Sarpagana River. This ritual has been in vogue for centuries and that is how this place got named. Though the hill station is dotted with tribal villages, it has been commercialized quite intelligently. The amenities, accommodation, attractions and facilities present in this place are not only world class, but also bear no resemblance to the simple lives that are led by the neighbouring tribal people. You can call it a perfect blend of rustic charm, idyllic countryside with contemporary lifestyle. Whether you want to relieve your mind, or relax your body or just soak in the sweet sunshine of this place, Saputara makes sure that you have

Restaurants at Saputara serve excellent quality of North Indian food that is tweaked with Gujarati flavours. There are several places serving Punjabi, Chinese and continental dishes. However, Vaishali, Anando and Purohit Gujarati Thali that serves delicious authentic Gujarati delicacies are worth a visit. There are numerous wayside food stalls catering to food requirements of tourists.

Saputara is a hill station and is primarily famous for its scenic beauty. So after you have completed sightseeing in Saputara, you can shop for handicrafts that are made by the natives of this place and take these items as souvenirs back home. Artist village at Saputara is the right place to buy tribal artefacts.

Nearby Places:
There are many tourist spots near Saputara; some of them are enlisted below: 

  • Mahal Forest: The Mahal forest region is about 60 km. away from Saputara. It is quite closely intertwined with the Purna Sanctuary. You can drive past the beautiful scenery of the Dang district with high wooded bamboo slopes.
  • Unnai Mata Temple and The Hot Spring: About 78 km. from Saputara, there is a hot spring near this famous temple and it is believed that the hot spring has healing effect from severe diseases.
  • Gira Falls: Located 49 km. away from Saputara, Gira Falls is the most picturesque scenic beauty near to Waghai town. With a natural drop in to River Ambica, this place is accessible by Jeeps and flaunts its most beautiful look post monsoon.
  • Pandava Caves: Also famous as Aravalem caves, this place is known for its connection to the epic of the Mahabharata. The caves are located amidst natural beauty of Valpoi in North Goa, bordering Gujarat and about 88 km. away from Saputara. An impressive Shivalinga is placed inside the caves.
  • Purna Wildlife Sanctuary: Covered by dense deciduous forest at a distance of about 78 km., the place is crossed by River Gira and Purna.

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