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Introducing Srirangapatna

Best time to visit : September to March
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The historic town of Srirangapatna is the perfect example of how amazing some tourist places in India are. Located in the Mandya District of Karnataka, the town had served as a royal capital, has been serving as a pilgrimage destination since centuries and is also a popular cultural tour destination. Like other temple town of South India, Srirangapatna also has temples with stunning architecture and great religious aura. Equally charming are the historic sites that include royal palaces, forts and other monuments. Weekend tourism is also popular in the town because of its closeness to the big cities of Mysore and Bangalore.


Srirangapatna is enclosed by two canals of River Kaveri (or Cauvery) on all sides. As a result, the town acts as a river island resembling the shape of an egg. Moderate climate rules the place throughout the year. Its name is believed to have been inspired by its Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, which is also the most important among the attractions of Srirangapatna. The town is visited by numerous Hindu families who come here to immerse the ashes of their dead relatives in the holy waters of Kaveri. The place has some great footprints of Tipu Sultan, the brave Mysore ruler who used the town as its capital also lost his life here in a battle against the British forces.

In-house restaurants at various hotels and resorts in Srirangapatna are good for tasting Indian and international food. Amblee Holiday Restaurant is popular among the visitors. However, you must try street food, especially masala dosa and onion rolls. Refreshing coconut water can be availed in all parts of the town.

Small stalls and hawkers near various tourist attractions sell exquisite handmade items made of sandalwood, ivory, rosewood and teak. Carvings, jewellery items and beautiful paintings are other great items. An interesting category is that of incense sticks in different varieties and sandalwood oil that you would love to take home.

Nearby Places:
  • Nimishamba Temple (about 2 km.): Dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the temple on the bank of River Cauvery is a pristine sight.
  • Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary (about 6 km.): Largest in the state, this bird sanctuary attracts thousands of birds from different international locations and has stunning landscapes. 
  • Karighatta (about 8 km.): Popular as the Black Hill, it has a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Srinivasa (a form of Lord Vishnu).
  • Pandavpura (about 13 km.): Also called French Rocks, this small village surrounded by rock hills has great relaxing atmosphere and mesmerizing fields of paddy and sugarcane. 
  • Balmuri Falls (about 14 km.): Outstanding scenery, unparalleled ambiance and opportunities for picnic and boating make it a popular spot. 
  • Kere Thonnur (about 16 km.): Famous for its gorgeous lake (known by names like Moti Talab and Blue Lagoon) Chola Temples and activities like picnic, swimming and boating. 
  • Mahadevapura (about 18 km.): A charming picnic spot with attractions like hundreds of years old Shiva Temple, Gende Hosalli Bird Sanctuary and dense forests.
  • Mysore (about 18 km.): One of the most popular historical cities of India, Mysore is home to majestic palaces, gardens, churches, temples and museums.
  • Shivanasamudra Falls (about 88 km.): A groups of segmented waterfalls, it is the second biggest in India and has breathtaking beauty along with a group of ancient temples.
  • Bangalore (about 127 km.): An upbeat city with world-class shopping centres, active nightlife and modern lifestyle, as well as well-known temples, churches and monuments.  


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