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Introducing Wokha

Best time to visit : September to May
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Tiny villages and hamlets covered in mist, colourful tribal culture and an invigorating form of nature are the things that define Wokha, a tourist hotspot in the Northeast India. The picturesque town also shares the name with its district which is a part of the Nagaland State of India. Mountains, ridges, valleys, rivers, lakes, terraced fields, rhododendrons and many other marvellous aspects make the place a dream destination for many. Popular travel options to Wokha include nature tours, cultural tours and adventure tours. Obtain helpful tourist information from the following travel guide of Wokha.


Secluded from the rest of the world till the 19th century, Wokha was discovered by the British. Home to the extremely warm and friendly people of the tribe called Lothas, the district showcases bright and engaging tribal culture in the form of folk music, dance and festivals. With an average elevation of 1313 m., the region enjoys pleasant climate that vary while going from lower to upper Wokha. Monsoons bring heavy rainfall while the winters are pleasantly cold and great for sightseeing in Wokha. Spectacular views, rural countryside and exciting trekking trails contribute towards the place’s worth as a tourist destination. Worth mentioning is the fact that an inner line permit is required to access the place.

Meat and fish prepared using a variety of techniques like smoking and fermentation are the popular options at the small restaurants in Wokha. One can also find traditional as well as mainstream cuisines at various venues. Wokha is a popular fruit-growing region and one can enjoy fresh fruits and fruit products as well.

The most exciting item to purchase in Wokha is the shawls that are beautifully handmade by the tribal people. Many other traditional products like pottery and wood work can be purchased from the local markets. Fresh and organically grown fruits like plums, oranges, pineapples etc are the must purchase items.

Nearby Places:
  • Mokokchung (about 70 km.): Nagaland’s cultural hub, this town is famous for its museum, pristine surroundings and festival celebrations. 
  • Kohima (about 75 km.): With bustling scenic beauty and untouched natural splendour, it is the capital city of Nagaland and is also popular for its museums and Hornbill Festival.
  • Dimapur (about 140 km.): From temples to ancient ruins and enthralling waterfalls to unbound scenic beauty, this largest city of Nagaland is among the top tourist places near Wokha.
  • Mon (about 270 km.): Popular for traditional villages, tribal lifestyle and grand festive celebrations.   

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