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Introducing Diu

Best time to visit : October to May
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A wonderful potpourri of glittering sun, sparkling sand, and crystal clear sea, Diu is the most spectacular holiday destination for those seeking tranquil environment. With an urban layout and a fusion of business and leisure environment, Diu aptly rouges the image of a modernizing India. Being one of the popular holiday hotspot and business hubs in West India, many national and international travellers tour Diu frequently. In proximity to the city, you will find a number of tourist places, which includes historical, religious, leisure & entertainment, and romantic places. International travellers to Diu are enticed by impressive ancient fort, sun soaked beaches, depictive churches, hallowed temples, amorous shoreline, gothic museums, and its kind multi-religious people. Fun and entertainment are at peak in Diu, with several religious events and festivals being frequently organized in the city.


Located close to Gujarat, Diu is a Union Territory of India since 30th May, 1987. Diu freed on 19th December, 1961 from the colonial regime. As per the Indian Mythology, Diu was renowned as ‘Jallandhar Kshetra’ during Satyug as the city was under the influence of the Demon-King Jallandhar, who was decollated by Lord Vishnu. In fact, the Jallandhar Temple is still prevalent in Diu and popular as one of the finest attractions of the city. Hindi, English, and Gujarati are best understood and spoken here, although, a few older residents speak Portuguese fluently. Diu is a perfect blend of Kathiawadi and Portuguese cultures. Diu has its own International Cricket Stadium – RMC. A number of international matches have been played here. Organized by Tourism Department of Diu, the city is popular among tourists for its ‘Diu Festival’ (Public Fair) held generally every year in December.

Being an island city, you will get fresh seafood here. Fish is the staple item you will find in Diu. Gujarati food, North and South India cuisines, Chinese dishes are also popular, especially among international travellers. Hotel like Apana Foodland, located near the seashore serves delicious seafood, Gujarati, Continental, Chinese, and typical Kathiyawadi food.

Gadgets and electronic items are best sold in Diu. Being a beach city, you will find beautiful handmade seashell trinkets near the beach. You can shop for straw-made handicrafts, leather items, and pearl items at the Maharaja Super Market and Princesses Park. You can buy a city guide map to locate other shopping spots in the city.

Nearby Places:
  • Somnath (about 85 km.) – Somnath is popular among tourists for its sacred Somnath Temple. Tourists are enticed by its nearby attractions like Junagadh Gate, Somnath beach, Akhilabai temple, Somnath Museum, and melodies ‘Shiv Bhajan.’
  • Daman (about 630 km.) – Nestled between Gujarat and Arabian Sea, this tiny city of Daman is popular for its sun kissed beaches, striking churches, ancient forts, and beautiful gardens & rivers.
  • Dwarka (about 315 km.) – Renowned for its finest temples and rich culture and traditions, Dwarka is heaven for pilgrims. 


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