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Introducing Kohima

Best time to visit : October to May
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Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland was an erstwhile watch post for the eastern region built by the British. Kohima offers a myriad of tourist attractions to explore the mystic beauty of the tribal art and culture to the unexplored wilderness and friendly populace. Kohima has an enviably slow pace of life and hence would make a great tourist spot to relax, unwind and beat the daily grinds of city life. Deep rooted in history, Kohima still bears the footprints of the macabre blood bath of World War II in the form of war memorials and the Commonwealth War Cemetery.


Kohima is tucked into the eastern frontiers of the majestic Himalayas. The local population comprised of the Naga and the Kuki tribes have imparted a unique charm to this tiny state capital. Kohima makes an ideal place for holidaying and attracts a sizeable tourist population from across the world. The country sides dotted with wooded landscape and multi coloured orchids are well cut for sightseeing and outdoor leisure activities. Indian nationals who wish to visit Kohima should obtain an Inner Line Permit from Nagaland House.

Most restaurants offer an eclectic cuisine including Chinese and Indian dishes. In case you fancy sampling authentic Tibetan cuisine, check out some of the small hotels in the Main Bazaar. There are many eateries near the Secretariat building that serve Naga delicacies based on advance booking basis. Rendezvous, located on the Main Road in town centre is a popular eatery that offers local, Tibetian, and Indian dishes. Nagaland is a dry state; however hotels serve many beverages including the loc

While at Kohima, you can shop for handicrafts, tablemats, ethnic shawls, decorative spears, wood and bamboo carvings etc. The famous hand knitted Naga shawls are famous too.

Nearby Places:
· The Village of Khonoma: Located at a distance of few miles from the city centre, this village preserves the traditional tribal way of living. The picturesque sight of paddy plantations grown at various elevations on the terraces carved on the hills is worth a visit.

· Japfu Peak: A popular trekking spot, Japfu peak, the 2nd highest in Nagaland is only a few minutes' drive from Kohima and offers splendid views of the snow clad peaks of Himalayas and also is famous for its view.

· Dzukuo Valley: The spectacular Dzukuo Valley is popular among trekkers and tourists alike. Perched at an altitude of about 2,440 m. above the sea level, it is on the border of Nagaland and Manipur. The cascading waterfalls and rivers give this valley a dramatic charm. It is recommended to carry your own food and make an arrangement for stay.

. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary: House for many rare animal species like Hoolok gibbon, elephant, flying squirrel, wild buffalo and black stork, this wild life sanctuary is one of the top attractions around Kohima.

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