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Introducing Mamit

Best time to visit : November to March
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A break from the crowded places to the North-eastern states of India brings one close to unblemished natural surroundings, complemented by a vivid culture. Mamit in the state of Mizoram is one such destination where nature and culture blend together to entertain the visitors. The small town is inhabited by people of various tribes, well-known for numerous amusing folk dances and festivals. Apart from nature lovers and cultural travellers, wildlife tourists can also explore Mamit’s tourist places that include Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary. There are many villages and sites around Mamit that are worth visiting for different reasons. Take help of a tourist guide who offers valuable tourist information about the region.


Mamit is located in Mamit District, one of the 8 districts of Mizoram. Formed by the amalgamation of various villages, the town is popularly called the Rice Bowl of Mizoram. Hills covered with thick forests and rivers like Tut and Teirei lend immense beauty to the district. Handicrafts made of bamboo are among the main attractions of the place. Located at the height of about 718 m. above sea level, Mamit receives heavy rainfall during monsoons. For the rest of the year, the region enjoys pleasant climatic conditions. Teak plantations, lakes, caves and picturesque villages are the highlights of a tour to Mamit.

Non-vegetarian cuisines are quite popular in Mizoram and one can find small restaurants serving them. Sawhchiar prepared using rice and port is worth trying. Boiled dishes like chhangban and bai too are popular. Jadoh and tung-toh are other recommended cuisines. It is not difficult to locate a restaurant or shop offering good service and hygienic settings.

Mamit is one great destination for shoppers, especially those taking interest in handicrafts. Bamboo pop-up gun, thalangara tray, vaibel smoking pipe and tuium water carrier are some unique and interesting items to purchase. One can also find different types of toys and shawls that are handcrafted by the local tribal people.

Nearby Places:
  • Aizawl (about 95 km.): Well-known for its pleasant climate round the year, this capital city of Mizoram has attractions like State Museum, Durtlang Hills, Berawtlang Tourist Complex and Solomon Temple. 
  • Kolasib (about 136 km.): Lavish greenery and many beautiful orchids add to the natural worth of Kolasib, which is also known for its tribal culture. 
  • Hmuifang (about 147 km.): Scenic beauty, unspoiled forests, rare orchids and a number of Mizo festivals are the key attractions of this place. 
  • Tamdil (about 176 km.): The beautiful lake is a popular picnic spot encircled by fascinating hills and a fish farm, where one can also enjoy boating. 
  • Vantawng Falls (about 189 km.): The two-tiered waterfall is the 13th highest in India and is admirable for its splendid beauty. 
  • Serchhip (about 198 km.): Worth visiting for the adventure of paragliding and attractions that include interesting stone monuments called Zoluti and Chhingpuii Thlan. 


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