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Introducing Marigaon

Best time to visit : November to February
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Marigaon is a small and beautiful town tucked in the greenery of Assam. Also known as Morigaon, this town serves as the headquarters to the second smallest district of Assam with the same name. River Brahmaputra flows along the district of Marigaon in the northern side. Many rivers that flow along the southern part of the region are Kollong, Killing and Kapili. The town has some lovely paddy fields and diverse wildlife presence and is indeed a photographer’s delight. There are scenic hill ranges and rivulets surrounding the town. Two small u-shaped lakes, called 'Charon' and 'Morikolong' beautify the place. Elephant safari with a travel guide at Marigaon is a worthy experiencing. This site is also noted for its vast dry fish market. Marigaon is as one of the remotest tourist places of Assam, with truly refreshing natural beauty and local essence.


Comprising an area of about 1,704 sq. km., district Marigaon has only one sub-division, known as Marigaon Sadar. The rivers Killing and Kapili come together at Marigaon and then join River Brahmaputra. The population in Marigaon is mainly of Hindus and Muslims. The main occupation of the people in the town is cultivation of rice or paddy, mustard, wheat, jute and vegetables. Handloom industry is also a vital part of income for the residents. With good tourist information, you can take back quality textiles. On clear days, one can enjoy the breathtaking views of snow-clad Himalayas in the north and forested peaks in the south. The region experienced heavy rainfall during monsoons.

Food in Marigaon closely resembles the typical north eastern Indian cuisine, there are some local eateries serving scrumptious delicacies. Rice is the prime food, served with lentils, vegetable curries, fish curry and sweet dishes. Assamese cuisines are basically non spicy and if traditionally cooked, are prepared in earthen ware. Herbal recipes are common here.

Tourists usually buy handloom products including weaved and embroidered designs from Marigaon. Eri silk, Paat silk, Muga silk and Mekhla are common buys. Local shops also sell bamboo, wood and metal artefacts.

Nearby Places:
Sightseeing in Marigaon usually does not take much time. There are many places in the close proximity that can add to your holiday experience:
·  Guwahati (about 80 km.): With a plethora of tourist attractions, nightlife, restaurants, hotels and entertainment options, Guwahati is a preferred tourist destination in the northeast India. 
·  Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary (about 44 km.): This sanctuary in Assam is especially for rhinos. There are more than 80 rhinos is an area of about 15 sq. km. Apart from rhinos, this sanctuary is also home to wild boar, semi-wild buffalo and jackal.
·  Mayang (about 38 km.): Till a few years back, Mayang was a much feared place as it was renowned for witchcraft and incantations. This practice no longer exists; however, the place is still visited by people interested in such acts.

Nagaon, Moirabari and Jorhat are few more places located near Marigaon.

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