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Introducing Nelliyampathy

Best time to visit : November to May
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A picturesque hill station in Palakkad district of Kerala, Nelliyampathy is a stone’s throw away (about 25 km.) from Nenmara. This majestic hill station is perched at the breath taking altitude of more than 1500 m above the sea level on the Western Ghats in the southern part of India. Nelliyampathy is a popular tourist place offering heavenly experience owing to cloud-covered hill ranges, striking scenery, hairpin bends and extensive greenery.


Nelliyampathy is about 53 Km. away from Palakkad district letting one have a perfect view of stretches of paddy fields of Palakkad. Located on the border between Kerala and Tamilnadu, Nelliyampathy thrills its tourists with tea and coffee plantations. Beautiful weather further makes the trip pleasurable and relaxing. Blessed with rare flora and fauna, this wonderful summer holiday spot offers rejuvenating treks and valleys.

Typical south Indian dishes spiced up with Indian spices are part of Nelliyampathy’s local cuisine. Fresh fruits and vegetables available are picked fresh from farms to markets. Hotels are mostly under private ownership. Spring Valley Restaurant and Orange Valley Restaurant are the famous eat-out hubs at the Nelliyampathy hill range. There are many private restaurants provide mouth-watering local dishes that are a must-eat for all tourists.

Tea and coffee plantations provide good quality products to purchase in Nelliyampathy. The quaint hub is famed for its oranges too. The handloom products available in the market that are a must-buy for tourists, double as keepsakes. The area comes under village zone of Palakkad and thus, handicrafts made from wood and threads are available for sale.The Government farm office sells different processed fruit products like jams and squashes.

Nearby Places:
  • Pothundi Dam : is an irrigation dam cum reservoir situated at the foot of Nelliyampathy hills, constructed in the 19th century, which provides water for the rice fields in the surrounding area. The prosperity of the land seems dependent on the dam. It is a perfect stopover and is located around 17km. away from Nelliyampathy. Built near Nemmara, it offers some breathtaking views. The area is isolated with no hotels but the scenery is unmatched elsewhere.
  • Seethargundu Viewpoint: At a distance of 8km. from Nelliyampathy is this hub, which is an important place in the Hindu mythology. Lord Ram had supposedly rested here with his brother and wife during his exile.
  • Palagpandy Estate: Around this area are cardamom, tea and coffee plantations that add to the beauty of the region. This place could be the best hub to spot some wildlife. This area is also a treat for all bird lovers.

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