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Introducing Sitamarhi

Best time to visit : November to March
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Places associated with the great Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata are of great religious value for the people of India. Sitamarhi, believed to be the birth place of Lord Rama’s consort Devi Sita, is one such place that has become a frequently visited pilgrimage destination. Located in the Sitamarhi District of Bihar in East India, the town is well-known for an array of temples and religious sites. Because of an increasing number of pilgrims taking interest in the religious tours to the town, it has attained popularity comparable to the tourist places like Ayodhya, believed to be the birth place of Lord Rama.


‘Sitamarhi’ literally translates to ‘Sita’s hut’. As per the legend, King Janak of the region found infant Sita in a pot while tilling a field and took her to a hut while accepting her as daughter. The town is located only about 50 km. from the Indo-Nepal border in the Gangetic Plains. Fed by many rivers like Lakhandei and Aghwara, the region is extremely fertile and has its beauty enhanced by lush green fields. Apart from its rich history and religious background, the town also boasts of an engaging culture reflected by its handicrafts and festivals. Summers in Sitamarhi are extremely hot and winters are enjoyable while monsoons bring plentiful rain.

Typical cuisines of Bihar, like khichdi, chokha and pickles, can be enjoyed at Sitamarhi. Blue Diamond is one of the popular places to enjoy meals at. One can also find fast food joints all over the town. Delicious chicken and other non-vegetarian dishes can be enjoyed at venues like Istoo House. Don’t forget to taste the sweet delicacies like kala jamun and jalebi.

Sitamarhi is famous for its ethnic designer jewellery designs and the most item include the beautiful bangles made of lac material. Tourists take huge interest in buying Madhubani paintings that are simply wonderful and eye-pleasing.

Nearby Places:
  • Jankapur Dham (about 52 km.): Located in the neighbouring country of Nepal, this pilgrimage destination is known for its grand temples, holy ponds and amusing festive celebrations. 
  • Madhubani (about 75 km.): Popular for the enthralling art of painting and attractions like Kapileswarthan Shiva Temple, Naulakha Palace, Bhagwati Temple Uchhaitha and Somnath Mahadev Temple Saurath. 
  • Motihari (about 80 km.): Popular for its heritage, the place can be visited to explore attractions like Kesaria Stupa (believed to be the largest and tallest of its kind in the world), Moti Jheel, Sita Kund and Lauria Ashoka Pillar.
  • Vaishali (about 100 km.): Birthplace of Lord Mahavira and a popular place for Buddhist tourism, it has attractions like World Peace Pagoda, Archaeological Museum, Kutagarasala Vihara and others.
  • Patna (about 132 km.): Bihar’s capital city, Patna is host to many worthwhile attractions like Patna Zoo, Patna Planetarium, Patna Sahib Gurudwara, Golghar and Patna Museum.

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