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Introducing Toranmal

Best time to visit : October to February
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Cool climate, lush greenery, serene beauty and tranquillity altogether put Toranmal on the Indian tourism map. Another gem nestled in the heart of Maharashtra; Toranmal presents a beautiful amalgamation of nature’s vista and man-made attractions astounding visitors from across the world. The timeless beauty of its lakes and unexplored stories of its temples urge both national and international tourists to spend quality time here and uncover this beautiful piece of land. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Toranmal beguile pilgrim’s attention with its ancient sacred spots and rambling placidity.


Resting in the lap of nature, Toranmal is a small yet endearing hill station located in the Nandurbar district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Embroidering Northern Maharashtra, Toranmal is considered as the second coolest hill station and second highest place of the state. Earlier a tribal area, this West India hill station is believed to have got its name from the tribal goddess Torana. The hill station is renowned for its major pilgrimage site – the Goraknath, which is visited by a large number of devotees during Mahashivratri. Marathi is the official language of Toranmal. It is the perfect trekking spot. Toranmal is blessed with a moderate climate, which is considered excellent for holidays. For more and interesting tourist information, explore the below tourist guide!

Sugarcane is the most favourite item of locals of Toranmal. Roadside stalls and local restaurants are the places where you will find the best local food in Toranmal. Dishes made of jowar, maize, tur and wheat are famous here. As the place is located in Maharashtra, you can expect spicy pure Maharashtrian cuisine here. Hire a tourist guide to explore the restaurants of Toranmal.

Cotton is the chief crop of this place. You can buy clothes made of pure and soft cotton in Toranmal. Wheat, sugarcane and tur can be purchased from here at a cheap price. Buy a tour guide map to find the best shopping venues in Toranmal.

Nearby Places:
  • Shahada (about 52 km.) – Known for educational facilities and religious villages Dakshin Kashi. It has many Hindu temples. 
  • Dhule (about 144 km.) – Famous for historical and religious sites. Forts, temples and churches decorate the city. The Ekvira Mandir is the famous of all. 
  • Malegaon (about 180 km.) – A city in the Nanded district. Famous for its grand ‘Malegaon Fair’ organized in the honour of Lord Khandoba. 
  • Nandurbar (about 90 km.) – Popular for its religious places, prominent among them is Asthamba, which is known for its huge and colourful Asthamba Fair. 
  • Barwani (about 142 km.) – Known for its famous tourist spots like Bawangaja (Chool Giri) and Beejasan. 
  • Dondaicha (about 80 km.) – Famous for the production and market of chillies. It sells some of the best spicy chillies in Maharashtra.

Other attractions include, Sita Khai, Echo Point, Nagarjun Temple, Sunset Point, Seetalhai, Kalapani Waterfall etc.

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