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Introducing Pachmarhi

Best time to visit : October to June
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Pachmarhi, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most sought after hill stations in India. Known as “Satpura Ki Rani” being in the Satpura hill ranges, the place offers complete tranquillity and is one of the best tourist places for nature lovers, honeymoon couples, and adventure travels including trekking and mountaineering. Moving in the forests nearby enjoying the bounty of nature through the dense groves of wild bamboo, sal forest and jamun, the visitors get a rare experience of life. Well adorned by magnificence of nature in the form of splendid waterfalls, ancient caves, exhilarating valleys, and high mountain peaks offering an amazing view of the small town, Pachmarhi attracts tourists from across the world. This is well complemented by numerous temples, beautiful gardens and historical monuments.


Pachmarhi has a large area serving the Indian Army administered by Pachmarhi Cantonment Board, while the civil area lies at the tip of the river. Situated at around 1100 m. above the sea level, Pachmarhi can also be termed as an archaeological treasure house. Especially the cave shelters in Mahadeo Hills are outstandingly rich in rock paintings created mostly during 500-800 AD. There are also paintings that are over 10,000 years old. Contrasting cultures of different ages are evident in the sculptures, rock paintings and heritage cottages. People here are fond of classic styles and that is why one can find Victorian traditions and high collars still in fashion. Old cottages are meticulously maintained by the Army engineers since the Education Corps of the Army headquarter is located here. Tourists can enjoy the thrilling experience of trekking at Pachmarhi via some prehistoric caves. Parasailing is another activity travellers can enjoy here, if air adventures attract them. Pachmarh

You can enjoy authentic Gujarati, Marathi, and Jain delicacies at Pachmarhi. Being a tourist destination, all other types of foods are also available in restaurants in the city and hotel restaurants. While both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available, tourist can also enjoy drinks at numerous bars and alcohol shops.

There are no malls in Pachmarhi but a number of local shops exist around the bus stand. Items of interest for the buyers are bamboo and canopy items, metal attracts, as well as paintings. These items are also available in the weekly local market. Don’t forget to buy honey which is of the very best quality hand collected from the local forests. Some shops sell warm clothes and fresh fruits as well.

Nearby Places:
  • Around 130 km. from Pachmarhi is Tamiya that is even more beautiful but is not frequented by tourists regularly. With the help of a tourist guide, you can enjoy sightseeing in Pachmarhi and nearby locations. Highlight of the place is the sunset point on the hills at Tamiya. 
  • Bhimbetka is around 173 km. from Pachmarhi and is made up of rock shelters that were the residence of pre-historic men. It is one of the sites full of rock paintings making the place famous and a UNESCO heritage site. 
  • Pipariya, which is 52 km. from Pachmarhi is located on the Itarasi-Jabbalpur railway line that can be reached directly by bus from Pachmarhi.
  • Bhopal that is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is located about 200 km. from Pachmarhi and is one of the major industrial hubs of the state. 

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