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Fairs & Festivals in India Taj Mahotsav – World’s Biggest Love Icon Showcasing Indian Craftsmanship

An expression of love in pure white, Taj Mahal signifies an emperor’s love for his begum. Centuries have gone by; failing poorly to erode this symbol of adoration and Taj continues to be an inspiration for the love birds. Comes February and this architectural spectacle prepares to host the world-famous Taj Mahotsav. The 10-day long festivity boasts of much more than setting inspiration and you can witness a fascinating world all around.

India Travel Destination of the Month Khajuraho – Explore the Sensual Form of Love

Nobody other than the Indian artisans has ever dared to portray eroticism as a distinguished form of love. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the Khajuraho Group of Monuments is indeed a bold masterstroke on the otherwise traditional canvas of India. Carved on stones are the lovemaking couples engaged in Kamasutra for the sole purpose of pleasure, something depicted artistically and exquisitely without a hint of vulgarity. Being there on a bright sunny day of February can be your best travel bet in India.

Explore the Unexplored Bakkhali – Arranging Isolation for a Romantic Date

Some 125 km. south of Kolkata, a fascinating drive from the Diamond Harbour will take you to the seaside resort of Bakkhali. The place, so much in love with unblemished nature, is a deltaic island overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Boasting of splendid white water beaches adorned with casuarinas and experiencing a striking facet of nature’s grandeur. The fact that tourists are still learning about this hidden gem makes it perfect for a romantic getaway. That it belongs to Sundarbans, the UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its enchanting tidal mangrove forests, is another aspect that makes Bakkhali more exciting.

Kitchens of India Romantic Kashmiri Shikara at Kong Poush - Savour Exclusive Dinning Experience

The magic of Kashmir is recreated in Mumbai! Kong Poush, a unique restaurant in Goregaon West of the metropolitan has attained limelight with its Kashmiri ambiance and authentic Kashmiri cuisines that will leave your taste buds amused for long. If you have ever enjoyed a fascinating ride on shikara (a traditional colourful boat) in Kashmir’s Dal Lake, you can easily envisage the experience. If you haven’t, this popular restaurant should be your destination.

India Travel News Indian Love and Hospitality Honoured at Travellers’ Choice 2014 Awards

The generosity with which the India’s accommodation properties treat their guests has finally earned recognition at the international level. Hotels, boutiques and many other categories of hospitable accommodations in India have bagged 222 awards at the recently announced Travellers’ Choice Awards, organized annually by TripAdvisor. With this encouragement, the hospitality industry of India looks forward to entice its guests in the upcoming month of February, when tourists have some great reasons to travel across the country.

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