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Fairs and Festivals Diwali – the name instantly creates a visually appealing kaleidoscope of extraordinary celebrations in the mind. Celebrated for different reasons in different parts of India, the festival literally replaces the shadows of sorrows and miseries with millions of lights. Though, scheduled on October 23 in 2014, the extravagant celebrations of the festival will continue for the entire month. Here are some unique ideas and tips to make your Diwali holiday in India memorable forever.    

Travel Destination of the Month

Rishikesh – Enjoy the Perfect Concoction of Spirituality and Adventure

A small town so lovingly pampered by the Mother Nature and sanctified by the spiritual environment, Rishikesh has no small designations to its credit. Popular as ‘the Gateway to Himalayas’, ‘the adventure Mecca of North India’ and ‘World’s Yoga Capital’, it welcomes the flocks of tourists starting from October when the weather is just the perfect. Take a note of how this amazingly peaceful place can redefine your holiday experience in India.

Explore the Unexplored

Ganpatipule – The Beach Personally Chosen by the Almighty

The invigorating Konkan Coastline along the Arabian Sea blesses India with some marvellous beaches. While many of them have gained international limelight, few are surprisingly explored by lesser numbers of tourists. Ganpatipule in the state of Maharashtra is one such gem which has started attracting visitors with different holiday moods.

Kitchens of India

Lokah at Cochin – Serving the World on the Platter

Cochin (Kochi) is Kerala is one of the busiest tourist destinations in India, owing to its association with historical and colonial heritage, beaches, temples and loads of wonderful activities. While staying at the city, many tourists feel the lack of world-class restaurants outside the hotels. It may, however, be considered their ignorance towards few good options like Lokah. Borrowing its name from Sanskrit (Lokah means ‘a world’), the restaurant-cum-café delivers what it claims – the world at your plate.

India Travel News

PIOs in the USA to Soon Enjoy Spontaneous Travel with Lifelong Visa

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the USA is expected to bear fruits for the Indian tourism industry. The announcement that the People of Indian Origin (PIOs) will soon enjoy the privilege of lifelong visa is definitely among the highlights of the visit. The aim is to simplify the process for the Indian Diaspora which in turn will lead to the growth of inbound tourism to India.

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