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Fairs & Festivals in India Harvest Festival – Enjoy Your First Rendezvous with Spring

Though the actually spring season and harvest season is celebrated in March-April, its beginning is celebrated with aplomb all over the country. Makar Sakranti is the common name given to the festivity and it takes many different forms in various states. January 13 to15 every year are the three days of the festival when you can have some outstanding experiences no matter in which part of India you are.

India Travel Destination of the month Auli – The Next Big Skiing Resort that Has Already Arrived

With its well-dressed virgin slopes, Auli in Uttarakhand is garnering international limelight among skiers. Comes January and this picturesque city engulfed in the pristine beauty of Himalayas begin to greet all kinds of tourists. Trekkers, honeymooners, nature lovers and skiers make their way to relish the mind-engaging combination of nature’s splendour and adventure.

Explore the Unexplored Majuli – Nature’s Special Craft and Cultural Paradise

Popularity of tourist destinations in the North and South India often shadows the scope of tourism in the country’s northeast. However, the recent tourist influx in the region has helped a lot of unexplored riches to become apparent. Majuli, the largest river island of the world, perfectly exemplifies such discoveries.Located in the state of Assam, the island is formed by the fabulous trio of Brahmaputra, Kherkutia Xuti and Subansiri Rivers. A hidden gem, this charming island is inimitable in terms of natural and cultural splendour.

Kitchen's of India Dum Pukht – Resuming the Practice of Courtly Dinning in Delhi

Delhi for long served as the seat of nobles who were particularly fond of courteous royal dinners. Dum Pukht, an award-winning restaurant in the heart of the National Capital, maintains the tradition. Always bustling with the crowds of food-lovers, the restaurant has some amazing secrets of Awadhi royal kitchens to share. No wonder that it managed to grab rank 17 in the list of S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants and also won Asia’s first Golden Fork Award.

India Travel News International Tourists Increase by 13%, Domestic Tourists Too Eye Destinations within India

United Nation World Tourism Organization has an exciting news story for the Indian tourism industry. According to its recent revelations, the first nine months of 2013 experienced an impressive increase in the number of international tourists visiting India. If the statistics are to be believed a 13% boost from the figures of of year 2012 has been recorded.

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