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Fairs & Festivals in India Cochin Carnival – Season’s Most Charming Festivity

Extensive explorations by European traders and colonial powers influenced Cochin to become a melting pot of diverse cultures. Dotted with splendid nature’ grandeur and fascinating colonial buildings, it is also the proud host of the annual Cochin Carnival. If you are done with regular carnival celebrations around the world, this magnificent event is surely a pleasant deviation.

India Travel Destination of the month Andaman – Scarce in Crowd and Abundant in Adventure

Apparent as small dots on the map of India, the groups of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are no small in offering extraordinary amusement. Standing firmly in the Bay of Bengal waters, Andaman is free from pollution and also from the maddening crowds of tourists. From riding an elephant under water to discovering the intriguing coral reefs, there is a lot to experience here. Have a look at how generous this part of the country is for its guests.

Explore the Unexplored Ranakpur Jain Temple – A Fantasy Engraved on Marble

It is not that the spectacular Ranakpur Temple is not known to the world. Unfortunately, it gets overlooked when tourists visiting Rajasthan get besieged by the grandeur of captivating forts and palaces. If you are planning a trip to this historic state, we would like to guide you about this man-made wonder showcasing its timeless beauty since centuries.

Kitchen's of India A’Tona at Goa – Offering a Mouthful of Delicious Experience

It is not at all difficult to locate a good restaurant in Goa, the party capital of India. However, most of the so-called trendy and chic eating points turn monotonous with repetitive ambiances and predictable menus. As you begin to search for something unique and refreshing, something like A’Tona comes your way. Perfectly combining invigorating settings with delicious food, this small restaurant in Panjim is sure to attract attentions.

India Travel News West Bengal to Receive Face Change for Tourism

Last year’s trailer of ‘Beautiful Bengal’ was only a signal. The state is actually gearing up to experience the boost in tourism and it is evident from some of the recent developments. West Bengal, the east India state known for its colonial structures, rich culture and mouth-watering sweets, has its potential as a tourism destination untapped. The recent participation in World Travel Markey is an indication that now the world will be introduced to some very interesting but hidden facets of India.

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