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Fairs and Festivals Jaipur Literature Festival – Enjoy the Company of the Best Storytellers

Noble laureates, Booker Prize winners, eminent writers and poets and other creators of excellent literature around the world come together to be a part of this grand festivity. No venue other than the beautiful capital of Rajasthan, the Pink City of India, would have played the host more aptly. Jaipur Literature Festival celebrates the remarkable world of literature that has been fascinating millions of thoughts, fantasies, emotions and dreams since centuries. Here’s your guide to witness the festival’s 2015 installment and enjoy the grandeur is real.

Destination of the Month Corbett National Park – Experience the Thrill in Chilly Weather
When the entire North India shiver under extreme cold, the presence of something as valiant and as majestic as royal Bengal tigers maintain the liveliness of Corbett National Park. Mainland Asia’s first protected forest area; it was once infamous for the man-eating tigers. Jim Corbett, the eminent author, naturalist and hunter, rescued the region from the terror and the foundation for India’s oldest national park was laid. Find out why traveling to the park in January is a fulfilling experience.

Explore the Unexplore Lake Loktak – The Only Floating Lake in the World
The largest of all freshwater lakes in the Northeast India, Loktak is a nature’s special craft and one of the many unusual wonders of the country. As the water body with innumerable floating islands, called phumdis and made of decomposing masses of soils, vegetations and organic matters, Loktak is the one of its kind in the world. Picturesque beauty and presence of rich biodiversity makes it an excellent spot for holidaying. Why not take a break from the crowded destinations of India and escape to this exotic vista?

India Travel News Spiritual Tourism Boost, Clean Monuments, New Schemes for Foreign Tourists
India Tourism Department Prepares for 2015.2014 in India witnessed the historical switch in the Government at the Center. Among the many goals that the Modi-led Government is serious about, development of tourism through some innovative strategies is definitely attention-grabbing. The good thing is that the Tourism Department is eying at its cultural and religious heritage as the biggest draw cards to attract more numbers of domestic and global tourists.

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