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Fairs and Festivals Puri Rath Yatra – Watch the Lord of Universe on Grand Procession
Rath Yatra (known all over the world as Car or Chariot Festival) is an internationally acclaimed Hindu festival. Dedicated to Lord Jagannath (another name of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) or the Lord of Universe, it is a community festival that registers the presence of people from all religions and several regions. It is one occasion on which non-Hindu devotees seek the blessings from the lord, who otherwise resides inside Jagannath Temple, strictly accessible to the Hindus only.

Travel Destination of the Month Mahabaleshwar – Stunningly Gorgeous from Every Viewpoint
A holiday in the Western Ghats is all about fabulous encounters with the tropical beauty, ready to overpower all your senses. Mahabaleshwar, a popular hill station in the state of Maharashtra, inimitably exemplifies this description and takes the experience to a new level with its historical and religious heritage. No wonder that the British preferred it as Bombay Presidency’s summer capital decades ago. Learn how this tropical paradise makes a perfect holiday destination for bidding adieu to summer.

Explore the Unexplored

Kalavantin Durg – Climb World’s Most DauntingStairs

The very first sight of this astoundingfortress, located about 2,300 ft. above sea level can send the adrenaline rushthrough your nerves. Engulfed by extensive foliage over centuries, KalavantinDurg or Prabalgad Fort rests invincibly over a pinnacle which in turn is a partof Prabal Plateau in the Western Ghats. Thetreacherously steep stairs for accessing the fort is no less than an adventuretrail and certainly not for the faint-hearted. For featuring in adventure blogsrecently, this spectacle is fast attracting eyeballs.

Kitchens of India

Kitchens of India

The House of Gobind – Serving PerfectCombinations and Variations

What could be better than a Punjabi restaurant servingethnic flavours filled with irresistible aromas and eye-pleasing presentations?But, The House of Gobind goes a step further by expanding its menus throughvarious parts of India.Located in Mohali, close to the City Beautiful Chandigarh and the world-famousPCA Stadium, the restaurant deserves praises for its clean premises, soothingambience and most definitely, its food. Opened a couple of months ago, therestaurant has already attained a strong foothold.

India Travel News

Domestic Air Carriers in India Announce Advance Booking Discount War

While everything is ‘fair’ in love and war, airlines in India imply the mantra to the ‘fare’ war. Beginning earlier this year, top carriers like SpiceJet and IndiGo have turned easy to slash down the airfares in a number of ways. Industry experts hold two primary reasons responsible for this behaviour – the significant drop in air travel plans (the culprit being a slow economy) and the grand entry of Air Asia to the scene.

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