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Fairs and Festivals Hemis Festival – Get Involved in the Grand Spiritual Show
Different from the rest of the country are the festivals of Ladakh, though they share the same basic thought to summon happiness and prosperity. Hemis Monastery, regarded as the wealthiest Buddhist monastery in the entire Ladakh, annually hosts Hemis Festival in the month of July. Dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava, the festival commemorates good’s triumphant over evil and is a fantastic way to peep into the Tibetan culture prevailing in the region.

Travel Destination of the Month Experience a Pleasantly Quiet and Beautiful Goa in Monsoons
By shedding its traits of India’s party capital, Goa turns an exceptionally generous holiday destination during the rainy season. Maddening crowds disappear from the beaches and the whole state seems to rejoice in the nature which flourishes to attain lavish greenery. Here are some great reasons to break the norms and visit Goa during off-season.

Explore the Unexplored Watch Rolling Monsoon Clouds from the Top of Mandu
Compared to the forts of Rajasthan and South India, Mandu’s hilltop fort in Madhya Pradesh remains unexplored and less visited. However, don’t miss a visit to the ruins of this long lost city in monsoons, following a royal tradition of enjoying the rain beautifully falling over the hills. The fort is not only the icon of eternal romance between price-poet Baz Bahadur and his gorgeous wife Rani Roopmati, it also served as a retreat for the Mughal Emperors.

Kitchens of India Feast on Monsoon Specials at Koyla – Mumbai’s First Rooftop Restaurant
Staring at the open skies while enjoying the comfort of low-seat Indian dinning style and roaring waves of Arabian Sea registering their presence nearby – the fascinating experience is beyond any description. Experience it yourself at Koyla, the well-known rooftop restaurant in Mumbai. During monsoons, they cover up the roofs, but the essence of the season is preserved through outstanding views and melodies of rain drops. To top it all, the restaurant serves such myriad choices of lip-smacking preparations enough to blow up your taste buds.

India Travel News Indian Government Plans New Measures - Encouraged by Foreign Tourist Arrival   The Indian tourism industry is experiencing a golden phase. If the latest statistics are to be believed, there has been consistent rise in the numbers of foreign tourist arrivals (FTAs) since the beginning of 2014. Here are some figures to clear the picture: ·  4.21 lakh FTAs recorded in May 2014, accounting to a growth of 9.7% over May, 2013. ·  30.52 lakh foreign tourists visited India from January to May 2014, marking a growth of 6.6% over the same period of 2013. ·  1,833 visas on arrival (VoA) issued in May 2014, indicating a growth of 19.1% over May 2013.

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