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Fairs & Festivals in India Holi – A Lively Conversation with Life

The carnival of colours and a riot of enthusiasm and joy, Holi is undoubtedly the most awaited festival of India. Confirming the generous attribute of Indian hospitality, the festival is the occasion to befriend the strangers and forgive the foes. Like many other festivals of the country, Holi takes diverse forms in different regions. Scheduled for March 17 in 2014, it is one great way to savour the always surprising culture of India.

India Travel Destination of the Month Velas Beach – Be in the Company of Adorable Ridley Turtles
The splendid beach of Velas Village in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri District turns into a spectacular dwelling place for countless Olive Ridley turtles. A dramatic vista is created with every dawn, as the little turtle hatch-lings pop out from nowhere and can be seen competing with one another to kiss the cool sea waves. This astounding rendezvous with life is no less than a feast for hundreds of visitors accessing the beach in March.

Explore the Unexplored Bullet Baba Shrine – An Unforeseen Extent of Faith
Ever seen a Royal Enfield Bullet worshipped as a deity? Surely, the passionate bikers around the world share greatest love and regards for this thrilling motorcycle. But the extent of revering it as divinity can be seen only in India. Travel about 21 km. from Pali or about 56 km. from Jodhpur in Rajasthan and you will come across this astounding shrine called Om Bana (or Bullet Baba Shrine) garners a lot of attention. It is firmly believed that travellers praying at the shrine are blessed with safe journeys.

Kitchens of India The Wharf – Relish the Fresh Catch Truly from the Bay of Bengal
Constantly featured in the prestigious lists of the top restaurants in India and Asia, The Wharf is a brilliant combination of heart-warming ambience, remarkable service and absolutely delightful food. Located in the premises of Radisson Blu Resort of Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram) near Chennai, the place silently admires the beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Well-known for scrumptious Italian preparations, The Wharf caters to many distinct tastes.

India Travel News Weekly Bilateral Air Traffic between Dubai-India Set to Increase in 3 Phases
In the latest development that may bring down the airfares for travelling by air between Dubai and India, the two destinations have agreed upon the decision to increase the weekly seat quotas. The long-pending and constantly reviewed agreement was signed at the end of February, 2014.

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